Gerald McRaney Of Filthy Rich Defends His Complicated Character | Reacts To The Final Twist of Series Premiere

The showrunner of the original script, Tate Taylor and Kim Cattrall revealed that there are three things that attracted Gerald McRaney to the role of Eugene Montreux, the swindling televangelist of Filthy Rich. Also, if you have seen the first episode of the Fox drama, you may probably already know that the third reason of McRaney presents a bit of a problem. The Emmy winner says that he got the role, they filmed the pilot, and for the rest of the season, he did not see her. He added that he had a couple of scenes with her towards the end, but one of the reasons why he accepted the role was to work with her, and he did not do it the entire damn season.

Gerald McRaney
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For all of those who have not seen the first episode yet, we would like to inform you, or rather say, warn you, that this article contains spoilers and if you don’t want to entertain the spoilers you are advised to leave the article here only. The major spoiler is that the character of McRaney was presumed dead following a near-fatal plane crash.

Gerald McRaney Of Filthy Rich Defends His Complicated Character

We have gathered a Q&A session of an interviewer and Gerald, and we would like t share it with you. Here, have a look.

Q. How funny it was for you that your wife did a show in the 80s called Filthy Rich?

A. I and Delta bot get a lot of chuckles out of that, and that was also the first time she and Dixie were working together. Both of us ended up ding the show called Filthy Rich.

Q. Did you prepare yourself or did something special for this role?

A. No, I was brought up in a Southern Baptist in the Deep South, so I did not think I have much to do. If you watch any of these guys on television, you sort of get an understanding of what they’re about, and that’s actually another reason for doing this show.

Gerald McRaney
Image Source – Insider

Q. It is not pro or anti-Christianity, it is just a show, Tate told me.

A. Right, it is these people and this family is a fiction, we are playing specific people not making a general comment about any religion. But I do like that it’s going after some of these televangelists who get filthy rich.

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