Get Duked: Know the Ending Better

Get Duked‘ is a 2019 British black comedy film starring Eddie Izzard. The film is written and directed by Ninian Duff. Recently on 28 August 2020, it was released on Prime Video by Amazon Studios. Read on to know its plot and ending better. Spoilers Ahead!

Get Duked: Plot

Get Duked originally titled as ‘Boyz in The Wood’ is a classic satire and is as wild as it is funny. The film starts to explain the meaning of the Duke of Edinburgh award. It is basically an award in the form of a certificate given to notorious youth who complete an outdoor adventure challenge to emerge as better citizens. This video is shown to three teenage boys who had blown up a school toilet. This can be considered as a redemption activity for them. Later on, they are transferred to a minibus on their way to the Scottish Highlands.

Mr. Carlyle who is an outdoor education teacher also accompanies the three boys. As soon as they reach the highlands, the three boys realize they have a fourth member Ian, who actually wants to complete this task and get a laminated certificate. Among them, the group leader is Dean, half-baked dolt Duncan, and a hip-hop lover DJ Beatroot. The plan is to survive three nights in the Scottish Highlands all by themselves (without a cellphone network). They have to show extreme patience, wits, and teamwork and reach the campsite to meet Mr. Carlyle finally.

In ‘Get Duked’, things start to go wrong when their leader Dean uses the only map to roll a hash joint. They are misguided and eventually face a mask-wearing, armed couple who start attacking them. The plot also features two racist police officers who were looking for the elusive thief. But now want to get promoted by catching a pedophilic terrorist gang, which does not actually exist.


Get Duked: The Ending Explained

During the course of the film, all four of them get separated from each other. Ian got left behind due to his injured ankle. Dean and Duncan eating powdered soup in the cave. DJ Beatroot spending his time with the hip-hop loving farmers. But as they reunite they decide the only way to survive is to take charge. They plan to kill the Duke and Duchess and managed to steal weapons from the oldies while running for their lives.

Meanwhile, the two police officers in ‘Get Duked’ are forced by their superintendent forces to go back to their case of finding the bread thief.

In the final scenes of the movie ‘Get Duked’, the boys chase down the old couple through some tunnels They are empowered with a rifle, a sword, and a well-sharped fork. On being caught the old aristocrats explain to them the motive behind killing the troublemakers. They state the issues and cons of the young generation very dejectedly yet in a mildly amused manner. Thus, to keep control over the herd, they wish to decimate the troublemakers.

The boys listened to their rant and Dean expresses his opinion about the matter in a detailed speech. He passionately argues about the exploitation the old people have caused to this planet. Their careless and selfish usage has made things really hard for the current generation. This generation has to bear with their ancestor’s actions and thus nothing is easily available for them. After listening to Dean, the old couple laughs it off and smiles as the sound of other posh accents emerges from the tunnel’s entrance.

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Fate comes to their rescue

Here comes the twist in the story of ‘Get Duked’. A group of old people gather around the boys and state their intentions of killing them. But the boys get lucky as destiny favors them. They are saved as their minivan falls off the overhead cliff and kills the oldies. As a matter of fact, it is the same old minivan that the boys get tried to rid off when they stuffed Mr. Carlyle’s dead body in it.

However, the boys discover that Mr. Carlyle is still alive even after being hit by the minivan by them. They panic on thinking that he will fail them for the award and they won’t get their certificates. But, yet again the fate favors the boys. The two racist police officers come to the location and find the bread from the minivan. It clearly means Carlyle was the bread thief! But, the boys use their wits to turn the tables on the dead bunch of oldies. They put the blame of theft on the dead people thus saving Carlyle from his crime. As a result of which, he passes them. They get the Duke of Edinburg Award. The film ‘Get Duked’ ends with the boys handing over their weapons to a group of girls who set on the same adventure as them.

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The movie and its ending clearly show the never-ending debate on the generation gap. Which one of them is superior and which one has done more bad towards society, remains unanswered. Thus, the film is quite thrilling and will keep you entertained throughout.

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