Get Even: Justice served in the Ending

Get Even‘ is a British teen thriller series that originally premiered on BBC iPlayer on February 14, 2020. It is based on the book series ‘Don’t Get Mad‘ by Gretchen McNeil. The series has 10 episodes in total and shows a group of schoolgirls who intend to expose bullies at their school. Currently, Get Even is available on Netflix.

Get Even: Plot

‘Get Even’ series tells a story of four teenage schoolgirls, Kitty, Bree, Margot, and Olivia. They form a group called DGM “Don’t Get Mad” in order to expose the bullies and unjust practices at their school. The bullies include both students as well as teachers who are overlooking and encouraging such activities. However, there comes a twist when Ronny, one of the bully is murdered and the girls become prime suspects of it.

Who killed Ronny and Mike?

The girls begin the suspicion of Ronny’s murderer with Coach Creed. However, soon Mike dies too and hence the girls realize to take other people into suspicion too. They suspect Rex and then Christopher. But when DGM’s calling card is found in Chri’s locker, the cops arrest him.

In the meanwhile in ‘Get Even’, Margot stumbles upon a DGM card inside Logan’s car. On enquiring him, he lies to be in DGM. Thus, the girls realize and plan to record Logan’s confession about the crime.

Logan states that he got into a fight with Ronny and accidentally he fell from the window and died. He also accepts of placing DGM’s card on the crime scene to divert the suspicion. In addition to that, later on, Mika got intrigued about Logan and doubted him. As a result of which he pushed her off the bridge and she drowned.

DGM group
Source: Netflix

Get Even: Ending Explained

DGM films Logan’s confessions and plans to expose him to the cops but he runs away. He, later on, meets Margot secretly and informs her that his parents are a part of a secret society that is after DGM. Cops arrive and arrest him that very moment before he could reveal further details. The ending scene of ‘Get Even’ shows Kitty’s message that she lost her scholarship and can’t return to school the next year. The group vows to bring her back and set this as a goal for their next mission.

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Will There Be Get Even Season 2?

Thus, the murder mystery of season 1 in ‘Get Even’ gets solved. Though there are many unanswered questions left behind which hint for a season 2. Who is that secret society after DGM? What’s the black car the Principal stepped in? Do we see more of Logan? We must wait for official announcements about ‘Get Even’ Season 2.

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