Get Out: What’s Wrong With Rose And Her Family?

Jordan Peele made his directorial debut with Get Out. His 4.5 million productions earned more than 255 million on its opening weekend. But it also maintained a perfect 100% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This horror-comedy is a masterpiece in its own. This movie keeps on pushing you to the edge of your seat as it progresses. Peele also won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Now, let’s unveil all the happenings in the end. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Get Out Plot Summary

The movie centers on an interracial couple, Chris and Rose. They set out to meet Rose’s parents, Dean and Missy, for the first time. As soon as he gets there, he feels something off about her family’s black servants, Georgina and Walter. He also learns that Missy is a hypnotherapist. At the family’s annual get-together, Chris meets another black man, Logan King, married to a much older white woman. Later Chris asks Rose that they should go back. But it wasn’t so easy to escape.

Chris meets Logan King with his much older white wife.
Image: IMDb

What’s wrong with Logan King?

After Chris meets Logan, he finds something suspicious about him. He then clicks a picture of him and sends it to his TSA agent Rod Williams and asks him to see about him. When he clicks Logan’s photo without his knowledge, his nose starts to bleed, and he shouts at him to get out. The others try to restrain him, and Dean says that the flash causes him seizures. Meanwhile, Rod recognizes Logan as Andre Hayworth, a missing man.

Rose along with her parents and Chris, accompanied by their servant, Georgina.
Image: IMDb

The Secret of Rose and her Family

Before his encounter with Logan in the film, Chris was unable to sleep, Missy urged him into a hypnotherapy session. Missy hypnotizes him, and then he sinks into a void called the ‘Sunken Place.’ After the party, when Chris was packing to go back, he finds some pictures of Rose with Walter, Georgia, and many other black people. This indicates her prior relationships with them, contradicting her claim that Chris is her first black boyfriend.

When he tried to escape, Missy knocked him out with a trigger she implanted in him during the hypnotherapy. Chris awakes in a room tied to a chair. There he learns from Rose’s grandfather, Roman, that they embed their brains into someone else’s body. This makes them immortal in some kind of way, and the host’s consciousness remains in Sunken Place.

At the end of the movie, we learn that Rose’s grandmother Marianne possessed Georgina and Roman possessed Walter. When Chris tries to escape in the car, Rose blocks him with Walter. With the help of flash on his phone, Chris neutralizes Roman, which then allows Walter to regain control of his body. Walter shoots Rose in the stomach and then shoots himself to kill Roman.

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