Gibiate Episode 8: Monsters Are Everywhere!

Gibiate Episode 8 is around the corner and fans are excited to find out how Kathleen is managing to survive. The anime is set to have 12 episodes. So in four weeks, this season is going to conclude and the excitement is more than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

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Gibiate Episode 8: Release Date

The anime’s next episode is all set to land on Wednesday, 3 September 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. As we know, new episodes are launched every Wednesday. This post has many spoilers so if have not watched the previous episode, then proceed with caution.

Fans can watch all the anime’s latest episodes on Crunchyroll. It airs the anime in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

Gibiate Episode 8
Source: Crunchyroll


A strange disease named ‘Gibiate’ started in Venice and it is rapidly spreading all across the world. All the countries are trying their best to find a cure and prevent the disease from spreading. Citizens are advised to follow instructions and take caution so that they do not get the disease. The ‘patient zero’ is a woman who visited Venice on August 21st, 2028.

Every country also deployed its military to contain the disease but it was impossible to control. The citizens are told to maintain social distance and travel in small groups. The reporter who circles around Tokyo in their chopper reported that monsters are emerging from everywhere! The reporter also reported that a monster eats all the humans inside a plane.

Gibiate Episode 8
Source: Crunchyroll

A hope for Humankind!

The plane crashed in the city and destroyed everything around it. Funada Kathleen is determined to find a vaccine and she is not going to give up until she does. She is going to create a vaccine and free everyone from the disease.

In year 16oo AD Keicho Yera 5 October 15th Kanzaki Sensui was traveling in a boat with two other people. One’s name is Sanada Kanroku and they are both exiles. They also share their past stories with one another.

Gibiate Episode 8
Source: Crunchyroll

They are fugitives and are running from an execution. On their way, they encounter a monster who destroys their boat. Eventually, they wash up to the city shore. Kanzaki thinks that they are dead and in the afterlife as he cannot see the ocean.

But in reality, they are in Sumida Ward. Eventually, the trio wanders off and encounters some monsters. Later on, they cross paths with Funada Kathleen. One is a very strong and powerful shinobi and the other one is a samurai.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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