Gibiate Season 1 Ending And How It Sets Season 2 Plot!

Gibiate Season 1 just ended and the finale revealed every unanswered question. Fans are already asking for the anime’s second season. Here’s everything you need know about the season 1 ending!

Gibiate Season 1 Ending: Yoshinaga is Too Strong!

Kathleen‘s group always struggled to face Yoshinaga. Yoshinaga does not care about humanity at all and Meteora’s death just made it worse. Gibiate’s time-traveling warriors are up to the task to persevere in the season’s finale. Renjiro will fight alongside the warriors.

The warriors realized that their usual techniques won’t work against the alien. Kenroku uses Yukinojyo‘s weapon and his string to strangle the alien. However, Yoshinaga has a thick skin and extra appendage, so nothing worked on him. Sensui tries using his blades, but Yoshinaga fractures them and it falls apart.

Gibiate Season 1
Source: Crunchyroll

Yoshinaga has an edge over the warriors and also, he has great physical attributes. Also, Yoshinaga has a secondary form that looks a lot like the Gibia. Ayame was turned into this form. Yoshinaga started gaining wings and became even more versatile.

Yoshinaga reveals that he operates the ship using his brainwaves. This is the same ship which he used to transport Meteora. Kathleen was wishing for help when his ship’s pieces crash-landed to Earth. These pieces fulfilled Kathleen’s wishes and brought Sensui to the present along with other strong warriors.

Yoshinaga said that he would bring the Gibia virus down to earth and this good wish countered that fact. However, everyone questioned that why his race does not use this technology and grant their wishes? Also, if these fragments can be used as they liked, they may have been able to cure Meteora.

Gibiate Season 1
Source: Crunchyroll

In the anime’s final, it was also revealed that Yoshinaga’s Gibia form isn’t invincible. Yoshinaga was seemingly injured when Kathleen fires her stun gun at him. Everyone else is devising a plan to bring down Yoshinaga’s winged state.

Renjiro’s Great Sacrifice!

At this time, Renjiro enters the battlefield and gives Sensui a sword. This sword will replace the one Sensui lost earlier. Additionally, Renjiro then wishes that everyone lives long. He then rushes towards Yoshinaga with hidden explosives strapped around him.

Yoshinaga did not notice these explosives until Renjiro was already too close. A huge explosion follows and this generates a window for Sensui to finish off Yoshinaga for good.

The warriors might have defeated the Final Boss, but it is still not a happy ending for them. When Sensui was fighting Yoshinaga, he got stung. So, he chooses to let Kathleen and Kenroku escape on their own. Also, the doctor is dead and now, no one knows how to restore intelligence to Gibia.

Gibiate Season 1
Source: Crunchyroll

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Additionally, they are leaving the very place where Yoshinaga created his final product. This facility also potentially has scraps of clues for treating the Gibia virus. Kathleen will live on regardless of what happen, but the fate of the world is still uncertain.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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