Gibiate: What’s The Past Of The Time-Traveling Warriors?

Gibiate is a unique anime that we can loosely relate given the current situation. The anime is perfectly directed and explained. It has successfully provided backstories for the three time-travelers.

Gibiate: The First Two Time-Travellers

Sensui Kanzaki is a dedicated and highly skilled samurai. He served his lord with utmost loyalty. With his lord’s orders, he went into exile with Kenroku and they both came into the modern era. Sensui’s lord dies in history, but he had a bigger role to play in the current time.

Kenroku Sanada was a ninja and he was one of the best. He also fought on the battlefield. The duo shares a past long before their exile. She shared roles in a war in which they couldn’t kill each other.

Source: Crunchyroll

Matsumoto Jouzen was the Sensui Kanzaki leader. This lord is not a strong decision-maker. He wavered while deciding to betray the Toyotomi clan and support the Minister of the Interior (Tokugawa).

Kenroku sees that Sensui is fighting with his dual-sword technique on the battlefield. He ambushes Sensui and his lord and this when the ninja’s true talent comes to light. Kenroku finally gets to fight against the esteemed “Slayer Of Thousands.”

No one wins or loses the duel. It seems that both have equal strengths and they cannot defeat one another. Kenroku retreats and says that he will be back to finish this duel.

The Third Time-Traveller

Onikura Yukinojyo is the third time-traveler warrior. He was a monk-warrior in his former life. In this one, he also fought on the battlefield alongside his trusted ally Douzan.

In Onikura’s former life, he and a few fellow monks fought against Nobunaga’s forces. At one point it seemed like they had won the battle as they drove away Nobunaga’s forces. But soon after that, Nobunaga returned with a stronger army.

Source: Crunchyroll

Nobunaga barricaded his enemies and civilian forces inside of this castle. They were left to starve and eventually, they got died mercilessly. Douzan died when the castle was set on fire. Onikura took up his spiked club and continued his resistance while retreating further into a cave’s depths.

Onikura stopped over a puddle of water which was glowing when he came near it. It definitely had some unnatural powers. Onikura was pulled into this water and transported into the modern world.

Source: Crunchyroll

Interestingly, the conditions around all of their time traveling escapades all center around water bodies. Sensui and Kenroku got transported when they were on a raft and Onikura by some water puddle. These coincidences seem to point towards the idea that water is essential to this time manipulation.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!















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