Gintama’s Final Movie Will Be In North American Cinemas In November!

Gintama’s final movie has already premiered. It got released on the 20th of January,2021. But it will be on screen in November. Gintama: The Very Final has ranked #1 in the Japanese box office. It has already dethroned the latest movie of Demon Slayer, the Mugen Train for the 12-weekend at a streak.

The Gintama people are very excited to watch the movie. But at the same time, they are out of sorts as it is ending.

The announcement on The Screen-

Eleven Arts announced has announced its display on the screen. They will be screening Gintama: The Very Final in North American theaters. The dates of the screening will be  21st and 22nd November. The movie will be screening with an English subtitled. It will also have a dubbed version.


The main characters of Gintama are Gintoki, Takasugi, and Katsura. The story follows their fight with Tendoushuu forces. They fight past the Tendoushuu forces, in order to save the Terminal. The mothership at the top of the terminal is absorbing large amounts of Altana. This Altana is channeling it into the body of the child Shouyou.

Gintama: The Very Final-

Gintama is a Japanese animated series. the genre of this anime is action-comedy film. Bandai Namco Pictures is the producer of the Gintama movie. The movie is based on the Gintama manga and anime series. This 2021 film is going to act as the conclusion to the anime storyline.

Before watching, the movie, please make be sure that you watch the prequel. Gintama: The Semi-Final is the prequel. It has two episodes only. But it is the bridging prequal to this final film. Gintama: The Semi-Final has premiered on January 15, 2021. It was premiered on the dTV online service. If you don’t watch the prequel, it may be quirky enough to understand the catchy lines.

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