The official Crunchyroll date of release for Given: The Movie has been confirmed recently, but what does this mean for season 2? Our favorite boyband is finally ready for another incredible concert of emotions after more than a year off-stage.

It has recently been revealed that The Movie will be arriving on international streaming services in early-2021. However, this has left many fans curious about what this means for the animation series and whether we’ll ever get a second season of Given?

At the time of writing, the second season of the Given anime series has not been officially confirmed yet, nor has it been ruled out by Studio Lerche.

While we may not yet have an official confirmation that Given will be renewed for a second season, the anime will likely return for an encore at some point. The reason for this is the source material and popularity.


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Thankfully, the original Given series still ongoing, and there is plenty of the published chapters that are left to adapt into at least one more season of the anime.

The first season Given was also extremely well-received by both the fans and the critics alike, scoring an 8.3/10 rating on IMDB and an 8.29/10 rating on MyAnimeList.

The official announcement concerning the second season will likely be made following the debut of Given: The Movie on Crunchyroll in early-2021.

An official date of release for the second season of Given is yet to be revealed, but fans expect the anime to return in the late-2021.

It’s already been over a year since the first season concluded, which initially led many to believe that the second season would premiere in early-2021.

Given Season 2: Renewal Status And Release Date Could Depend On The Upcoming Film

However, there has been no news regarding the second season since, emphasizing production going to the anime movie instead.

Production on the second season of Given will likely wait until after the movie’s international premiere. However, the animation studio may also be waiting for some more of the original manga series to be released.

Alternatively, they could also be held waiting until after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic within the overall industry lessens, which is an even more likely standpoint from a business point of view.


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In either scenario, fans of Given should not expect the series to return until late-2021 although an early-2022 premiere is probably more likely considering the lack of official information right now.

The movie premiered in Japan in mid-August after it was initially delayed from May because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

While Crunchyroll has not confirmed a more specific release date, the Blu-ray DVD will be available from February 3rd, 2021.