Gleipnir Episode 13: When it is going to release?

Gleipnir is a famous Japanese manga series. Twelve episodes of the series have already been released and fans are wondering when the next episode of their favorite show will release. Well, in this post, we have brought to you all the information regarding Gleipnir Episode 13. Have a look.

Gleipnir Episode 13 Release Date:

A new episode of the series releases every Sunday. So, the 13th episode is going to be on-screen on Sunday, 28 June 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. However, the fans outside Japan may have to take care of the time difference as they will be able to watch the episode a bit late.

What happened in episode 12 and what can we expect in episode 13?

The thirteenth episode is going to be the last episode of the season. The show revolves around Shuichi Kagaya, a high school student who has some unusual secrets.

In the previous episode, we saw that the unknown guy revealed his name to be Kaito. He wanted to be friends with everybody but somehow got disappointed when he found out that his friend Honoka and Aiko made a deal with an alien. Meanwhile, Honoka turned into Aiko using a coin as she felt alone and no one was accepting her after her father’s death.

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On the very next day, the powerful guy Kaito killed Aiko but later found out that he actually murdered Honoka. However, no one was concerned about Honoka. Instead, they were sad about Aiko’s death. Some days later, Kaito disappeared. Kaito wanted to make everyone disappear with a coin.

Meanwhile, Clair visited Yamada Cram to find about about Kagaya’s past. However, Kayaga refused to tell anything and said that he is not in touch with anybody from school. Also, Yoshioka calls Elena.

In the Gleipnir Episode 13, we can expect that Clair will find something about Kayaga. In addition, it will be interesting to see how Kaito will fulfill his wish of making everyone disappear.

Gleipnir Episode 13 Preview:

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