God Of High School This Week: Does Is Manage To Remain Intriguing?

God Of High School is an anime television series adapted by MAPPA. It is an action drama series that premiered on July 6, 2020. Here, we will discuss God of High School Episode 4 which got released this week.

God of High School: Episode 4

Unlike the previous three episodes in the series, episode 4 of God Of High School sets a different theme. Away from the tournament and fights, the three main characters set off about the day. All of a sudden, a rich business appears from a lavish car that stopped near them. Seongjin proposes to Mira stating that fate tied them together. All three of them appear shocked and reflect surprise. However, we jump to find Mira selecting her dresses.

Obviously, due to this Mira drops out of the competition and Mori reaches to her house and confronts her. She states that the reason for her marriage is not to love but to save her sword style. When asked for help, even Daewi says it’s her life and her choice. Still, the day of the wedding comes, and everyone seems concerned that this is some sort of trap.

The Wedding Day

Mira’s little sister along with Mori tries to get in the ceremony but is stopped by the guards. Meanwhile, Seongjin has a past memory flashback. The audience sees that a secret order that popped up the last episode asks him to obtain a holy sword to defeat God and someone to wield it. Thus, his actual reason for marrying Mira is revealed.

However, after hearing from Daewi, Mori, and her family, Mira realizes she does not want to marry him. As expected, Seongjin gets upset and angry. He shows his God-like power but luckily Moon Light sword style prevails and Mira is able to stop him.

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Finally Some Action in the Episode

In the final moments of this episode of God of High School, we experience a rift. Daewi beats Mira in their battle aggressively. Mori gets infuriated seeing Daewi and warns him to prepare for the finals with him.

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Many may find this episode of ‘God Of High School’ as a filler and unwanted flashbacks into Mira’s past. The only interesting part of the episode for them would be the last 5 mins sequence. However, for some its a break from the traditional tournament anime. The more information about Seongjin’s intentions and a different track happened in this episode.

Let’s wait for the next episode to see the final fight between Daewi and Mori for the God Of High School championship.

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