Good Doctor: Know The 6 New Cast Members Featured In The First Episode After Lockdown

The Good Doctor of ABC entered a post coronavirus pandemic world on Monday night, marking the very first Medical drama to move past the pandemic and on to other storylines.

But with the rise in the infection rates in the real world, and a member of the cast of the show among the infected, we really have to ask, does it feel like a good decision to sidestep this unprecedented crisis?

A public service announcement did open the episode to be fair to the show. Freddie Highmore, the star of the series, acknowledged that the following hour portrays their hope for the future, a future where no one will have to wear a mask or take other preventive steps to stay safe from coronavirus.

The Good Doctor
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After that, the third episode of the series turned its attention to a new crop of surgical applicants who are looking to make their mark and earn one of the four residency slots at St. Bonaventure.

Good Doctor: Know The 6 New Cast Members Featured In The First Episode After Lockdown

The six applicants shadowed Park, Shaun, and Claire, following an initial round of interviews. Will Hooper from Motherhood: Fort Salem’s Sam Robert Musik, a Rhodes scholar and Olympic rower whose arrogance ultimately did him in.

And John Lundberg from Shrill”s Michael Liu, an otherwise ideal candidate whose inability to get with the senior residents led him to withdraw himself from the applicant pool.

Those who are moving forward include Jordan Allen from Mrs. America’s Bria Samone Henderson, whose assertiveness really impressed Andrews.

She undermined his medical judgment in front of a 17 years old breast augmentation patient, and potentially jeopardizing her chance at residency on the first day to argue what she thought was in the best interest of the patient.

Another early standout was Asher Wolke of The Real O’Neals’ Noah Galvin, whose enthusiasm and drive ultimately afforded him the opportunity to shadow Claire and Lim during a rather unusual heart transplant.

The Good Doctor
Image Source – Insider

He also had the most interesting backstory, he was an atheist with a God complex who left the Hasidic community at the age of 18, at which point he decided to go to med school and started dating men. 

Shaun inadvertently insulted Lea on the relationship front, when he insinuated that he liked her body, but not like her voice. Shaun apologized to his girlfriend after Jordan, Enrique and Glassman offered their two cents and assured her that her voice is really a source of comfort to him.

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