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Good News for horror fans, Netflix is working on the Resident Evil series, (what we know so far).

After a great success of ‘The Witcher’ on Netflix, they are going for another series, ‘The Resident Evil’, the iconic horror game, whose Production is rumored to start this year.

Resident Evil on Netflix!


The series is expected to start producing in June; the show will have as traditionally 8 episodes, which will be six minutes in length. It will be filmed in South Africa for which preparation will start in April.

Popular horror game Resident Evil is going for live-action Series.


For the cast, there hasn’t been any information yet.

About the movie:

The Production is under CONSTANTIN Germany studio, which made the Resident Evil movie series.

But for sure, Resident Evil will be a live-action movie rather than a CGI movie, where the story will be adapted mainly from the game or from comics or novels.
No story or plot has been confirmed yet. Still, all fan’s response has flooded twitter after confirmation of series from Netflix. Yet we have too much to know. So stay in touch for further information.

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