GOOD NEWS: PlayStation 5 Production Doubled By Sony

Sony Corporation has reportedly doubled the production of PlayStation 5 to approximately 10 million units in this year. The company sees the prolonged effects of the coronavirus pandemic in boosting the demands in the gaming sector. However, it is according to the people who are familiar with its plans.

The electronic giant Sony has informed the assembly Partners and its suppliers about the radical increase in the production orders for its upcoming next-generation gaming console. However, there will be certain limitations in the delivery offered by the logistics department to deliver the gaming machines on time for the shopping season in holidays.

According to the reports by Bloomberg, Sony had previously aimed for the production of 5 million to 6 million Play Station 5 gaming consoles by the end of March 2021.

Play Station 5
Image Source – PC mag

Nikkei, the Japanese business daily, reported earlier that Sony planned to boost the production of the gaming machine which was scheduled to release this fall. However, the spokesperson of Sony declined to comment on the same.

Why Sony doubled the production of PlayStation 5?

People will be forced to stay home after having concerns about the second wave of coronavirus infections, as the government officials will be closely monitoring the efforts to reopen their respective economies. This situation has revised Sony’s expectations, that this ongoing situation will lead to an increase in demands for the Play Station 5 gaming consoles.

Play Station 5
Image Source – Forbes International

Even after boosting up the production of the gaming consoles, Sony will still be struggling to deliver enough units due to shipping constraints. A large proportion of the Sony’s gaming consoles are made in China and are sent out through the seaways around the world. This process of shipments take months to travel from China to the U.S. and Europe via the ocean lines.

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