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Google Photos Now Will Turn Your 2D Photos Into Cinematic 3D Images, Here’s How

Photos, recordings etc. are few such things that let us feel the great memories of our past. Google has always been working superficially to come up with some new features and technology. So, once again, let me take you to the new feature of Google introducing your memorable 2D photographs in the new fresh way. So here is the complete report.

Google’s Journey From 2D photos To The 3D Cinematics

Google one of the most leading organization in the entire world has always come up with the best it can afford to its end users. From the storehouse of Google files to the glamorous video chat Google Duo, Google has always tried up its best to provide it’s the user the best it can.

Google after thousands of research and failures, has now come up with the most interesting features that you would have never thought of. Yes, Google is going to introduce a new feature in its Google Photos where we the end users can view our 2D photos in the 3D cinematic view. Interesting. Isn’t it?? So get ready to enjoy the new everlasting feature of Google photos coming straight forward to you as the new year gift.

How to access the Google Photos New Feature?

To access the new feature in the Google Photos, simply you need to click on your Display Photo ( DP) followed by clicking on Settings. After clicking on Settings, you need to see the option for Memories and then according to your wish you can on/off the toggle switch as per to view your memorable photos in 3D cinematic view.

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