Grand Army Ending Explained: Where does each character end up?

Created via Katie Cappiello, ‘Netflix’s teen drama sequence ‘Grand Army’ is partly based totally on her significantly acclaimed work ‘Slut: The Play’. The exhibit is predominantly set in and round the fictional Grand Army High School, named after the historical Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, New York. Although it has a myriad of characters, ‘Grand Army’ focuses on 5 persons who hail from numerous economic and cultural backgrounds and have vastly unique personalities. The exhibit makes a domestic in the equal area of social awareness as ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, exploring it via the growing viewpoint of adolescence.

Joey Del Marco (Odessa A’zion) is a free-spirited and outspoken younger feminist from Stuyvesant Town. Dominique Pierre (Odley Jean) aspires to be a therapist and hails from an impoverished Haitian immigrant household dwelling in East New York. Siddhartha Pakam (Amir Bageria) is a second-generation Hindu Indian from Jackson Heights. Both an done athlete and a notable student, he is attempting to join at Harvard University. Jayson Jackson (Maliq Johnson) is a prodigious saxophone participant from Spanish Harlem. Leila Kwan Zimmer (Amalia Yoo) is the adopted racially Chinese daughter of a white Jewish couple living in the Upper West Side.


Grand Army Recap

The sequence begins with a terrorist assault at the Plaza. Black smoke is viewed rising from the home windows of the Grand Army. The instructors hoard the college students in lecture rooms and on the stairs as they wait for the danger to pass. With such a solemn opening, ‘Grand Army’ essentially underscores its dramatic aspirations. The 5 essential characters serve as distinct focal factors of the show. Each of them has their very own story, which is populated with the aid of a separate set of characters. Often time, these tales interact, retaining a symbiotic existence.

Zoey treads a skinny line between the disobedience stemming from her feminism and immature reactionary antics. Like the different 4 foremost characters, her brilliance and forte set her aside in the crowd of college students at the Grand Army. She fiercely defends her sexual organisation when a boy she likes, Tim Delaney, questions her closeness with two of their mutual friends. She is genuinely the chief of their clique, additionally along with Tim’s sister Anna, Luke Friedman, and George Wright. She is robbed of that very experience of company and fearlessness when Luke and George rape her in a cab with Tim additionally current there. Broken and betrayed, she feels really defeated when the three boys are set free due to the fact of a lack of evidence.


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Dom is additionally the chief of her personal group. Dom is a high-achieving daughter of a Haitian single mother. She has been compelled to develop up highly shortly due to her family’s monetary situation. Balancing her budding hair product commercial enterprise with school, basketball practice, and familial responsibilities, she finds herself rapidly overwhelmed. There is a new romance in her life, in the structure of younger activist John Ellis, however earlier than it receives any serious, her mom asks her to marry one of her buddies so he can remain in the US. In exchange, the household will get hold of $10,000. Reluctantly, Dom has the same opinion to do it.

Sid endures informal racism and sexism aimed towards him and his sister Meera (Ashley Ganger) from fellow college students who are supposed to be his friends. He greater or much less shrugs off all the insults, believing response will solely motivate them. He is desperately making an attempt to cover the truth that he is homosexual now not solely from his common Indian mother and father however additionally from his peers. When the secret subsequently receives out. Sid lashes out at everyone, inclusive of the teacher, who is assisting him with the Harvard application. After he eventually finds out who leaked the information, it leads to a violent altercation, which leaves his nostril broken.

Jayson and his buddy and saxophone competitor Owen (Jaden Jordan) get into serious hassle after making an attempt to prank Dom in the course of the bomb threat, ensuing in the loss of about $200 from her purse. Although they control to increase the cash by means of performing in the subway and provide it lower back to her, it is curiously now not enough. They are each briefly suspended from Grand Army, with Owen receiving a tons harsher punishment than Jayson. Afterward, Jayson is requested to fill the slot in a overall performance that used to be intended for Owen. Guilt-ridden and ashamed, Jayson turns into concerned in the pupil motion at the school.

Leila’s personality trajectory is vastly specific from these of the relaxation of the essential characters. Being adopted via Jewish American parents, she has little to no connection to her native land. She frequently receives bullied by means of different Chinese ladies at her college for now not understanding Mandarin. Leila’s sole outlet appears to be the violent and image comic-book fashion drawing that she does.

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Grand Army Ending

One strolling subplot in the sequence is the rivalry between her and Zoey, even though it adjustments to mutual perception and grasp with the aid of the give up of the season. Grand Army appears to have a special difference of being a college that is each public and prestigious. Many instructors appear to clearly care for their students, though they are no longer above their person prejudices. All of the 5 protagonists bear radical adjustments for the duration of the season and emerge as extra assured and prouder variations of themselves.


After Joey enrolls in a Catholic school, she meets Sylvie, additionally a rape survivor. Sylvie admits that she has by no means spoken to all people earlier than about her rape, and when Joey took her rapists to court, she concept it was once surprisingly admirable. This stumble upon offers Joey ample braveness to meet the three boys and Anna. George and Luke nevertheless declare that it was once consensual. However, after Joey leaves, Tim confronts them with his recollection of the evening. To regain a feel of control, Joey goes returned to the dance class. Through rhythmic and purposeful movements, she starts her procedure of healing.


During her interview for a high-school internship, Dom passionately articulates the want for black intellectual fitness employees in black communities and lands the job. Her mom realizes what a folly it used to be to location the complete family’s accountability on her younger shoulders and calls off the marriage of convenience. With the assist of friends, Dom asks John to the prom.


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Grand Army feels like a show that’s happening in real time. Like the characters it follows, the story is constantly evolving. Blink and you’ll catch yourself rooting for a character that you were rolling your eyes at a few minutes ago. If someone tells you the show is about hot students at a New York high school, you might think… hmm, Gossip Girl. But I’m pretty sure if Blair Waldorf saw Joey Del Marco walking down the hall, she might turn on her heels and walk the other way. Grand Army is gritty, intoxicating, and now streaming.

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While the time out took the desire away from him, it sooner or later proves to be a proper issue for Sid. At the give up of the season, he has been well-known into Harvard and has begun a relationship with Victor (August Blanco Rosenstein). His father sends him a congratulatory message for his admission, indicating that his conservation Hindu household is at least inclined to speak to him. The first step is constantly the most important.


Despite all their attempts, the pupil motion doesn’t reap much, and Owen is nevertheless suspended from Grand Army. On the day of the performance, Jayson makes use of the largest stage allotted to him to make a statement. In the presence of his household and lots of others, he places his saxophone down and locations a pair of black tapes over his mouth, symbolically protesting in opposition to the college administration and society at massive for the oppressive and derogatory therapy of the college students of color.


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At the begin of every episode, an email is proven to be composed that has different white ultra-right-wing undertones. It announces that there will be an assault on the school. In Episode 9, titled ‘Freedom,’ Leila is printed to be its writer. She units it to be delivered to the important when the scholar demonstration at the college is in full swing. She gleefully laughs as the safety tries to escort the college students to safety, reveling in the pandemonium she has caused. As with the different 4 fundamental characters, Leila breaks the proverbial shackles and finds her very own course to freedom and agency, even if it’s darker and extra sinister than others.

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The Grand Army is currently streaming on Netflix with a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb and 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on a chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, break free, and seize the future. We say it is really a must-watch.

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