Great Pretender Episode 19: What Happens Next?

Great Pretender is now turning into the best anime of this season. The anime steps into risky waters by presenting a story that revolves around con artists. But, still, continues to impress us with its well-written plot. And, as every episode goes by, the characters start to get more interesting with the story getting more detailed. The anime’s entire runtime is divided into several clever heists, all of which are pulled off by the same crew. Some of these heists turn out to be too predictable. But, others just blow you away with their revelations.

The anime has aired a total of 18 episodes till now. And each episode makes sure to take you on an adventurous journey. The feel-good themes and situational comedy makes it even better. And, it doesn’t take much time to fall in love with this series and of course, the characters. The series tries to cover many genres together and still manages to be among the best in everyone. The anime has successfully managed to keep its selected audience hooked up till now. Let’s see if continues to do so with the next episodes.

With all said, let’s talk about the Release Date of Great Pretender Episode 19. Make sure to check out the Official Streaming Platform for the anime. And, while you’re at it go through the Recap of Episode 18.

Great Pretender

Release Date

Great Pretender Episode 19 will be released on Thursday, 19 November 2020, at 12:55, AM JST. Note that the new episodes of this anime are out every Thursday.

Recapturing Great Pretender Episode 18

Edamame, Abby, and Cynthia are held captive on Akemi’s private yacht in Sagami Bay. And, Edamame is asked to prove his loyalty by shooting Abby and Cynthia. But, Ozaki shoots them instead and they fall overboard. Akemi then allows Edamame to take the gun and shoot Ozaki who also falls overboard.

For the next three days, Edamame refuses to eat until Akemi shows him kindness and he realizes that she is the only person left he can turn to. Two months later, Akemi asks Edamame to run an auction of trafficked children because of his previous experience. Edamame successfully runs the auction resulting in a huge increase in revenue and Akemi makes him the permanent auctioneer. Later, Ishigami tells Edamame that he must protect Akemi from the Shanghai mafia.

Great Pretender
Source: Netflix

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Meanwhile, in Shanghai, Liu tells Chen the importance of a translator and how they are vulnerable with Ozaki now gone, just as Laurent arrives seeking an audience with Liu. Edamame returns home and is surprised to see Ozaki still alive. Ozaki then tells his story of Laurent, starting from his childhood being raised in Brussels by his mother Emma Thierry who was cheated out of her life’s savings by a shady investor named Hugo.

Shortly thereafter, Emma passed away, leading Laurent to live a life of gambling in Paris. One night, he tried to kill Hugo, but he accidentally stabbed a woman named Dorothy instead.

Streaming Platform of Great Pretender

Great Pretender airs its episodes on Fuji TV‘s +Ultra anime programming block and BS Fuji. And, you can officially stream the series on Netflix.

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