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The movie named Green Lantern is based on DC Comic. It is an American superhero film which was written by Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, and was directed by Martin Campbell. It was released in 2011. The actors of the movie are Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins, Peter Sarsgaard and Blake Lively.

The story is about Hal Jordan, who is a test pilot and selected as the first human member of Green Lantern. He has a ring that has a superpower to face Parallax, threatens the universal balance of power. In October 2007, Greg Berlanti was hired to direct and write it again. It was originally started in 1997, but the progress last obstruct.

The Green Lantern
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Plot Of Green Lantern

The story starts with some intergalactic police force, and Guardians of the Universe. They split the universe into 3,600 sectors. Abin Sur, one of the Green Lanterns, overcome the Parallax. When the Parallax escapes from the prison, he nearly killed Abin, but somehow he escapes and crash-lands on the Earth. There he met Hal Jordan and told him to keep his lantern and talk to oath. Hector Hammond analysis the body and realizes that he is not here for his abilities but on the influence of his father. He attempts twice to kill hi father and succeeds in the second time.

Jordan tempt Parallax towards the Sun, and there Parallax caught by the Sun’s gravitational force. After the fierce battle, Jordan becomes unconscious and saved by the leader Sinestro.

Ryan Reynolds Funny Moment

Ryan Reynolds, star of the film, never miss a single chance of making fun Green Lantern. Green Lantern was about to make his second part, but due to its disappointing performance, it led to the cancellation. Ryan, in his movie Deadpool, makes direct reference to the brief stint as the Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern
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Recently, a fan asked Ryan that whether he should watch his movie Green Lantern on apple TV plus or not, well the reply of the star is “Walk Away.”

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