Green Lantern’s Unreleased game footage gets Discovered

DC has its good grip in the gaming category with their Batman and Justice League games. However, many developers made games for other characters, if we talk about Green Lantern. In particular, the first game to get released in 2011; which was Green Lantern Rise of the Man Hunter.

But in the recent episode of Game History Secrets, they talk about games that either never got released and reveals some of the games’ secrets. The Video is on the YouTube Channel “DidYouKnowGaming?”. It was revealed that the unreleased Green Lantern Game was supposed to get a release on SNES Console back in the 1990s.

The Game was supposed to be base on Green Lantern’s “Emerald Twilight” timeline. The project was under Ocean Software, a British software development company.

When developing the game, they were famous for their licensed game titles like DC’s Batman games and Dennis the Menace game.

The Green Lantern game was supposed to get released on Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. Initially, Mike Marshal started the project by doing some art for the project. Soon the project was paused as there was no design plan for the game.

Later Gary Bracey planned to revive the game for Super Nintendo, as taking advantage of better hardware. Music and most of the artwork were made, but in September 1994, before the release date at the end of 1994. They thought Super Nintendo was at its final stages. They didn’t have enough funds to modify the project to another console.

Soon Gary and the programmer of the game, Andrew Dickens, left Ocean Software, taking all the programs and related things with them.

Footage of Unreleased Green Lantern Footage

After two months, Bobby Earl took over the project as a lone. He has to work on all the things other than Art of the game and Music. But working alone couldn’t help; he only finished the game until the first boss fight.

There were no mentions of the game after that, other than the magazine archives and the in Winter Electronic Consumer Show. But in 2019, Frank Gaskin publishes the book “Games That Weren’t” and a website under the same name. They revealed footage of the unreleased game. Frank managed to get the information from the prototype cartage provided by former employee Roy Fielding.

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