If you watched the final season premiere of Greenleaf, then you must be aware of the fact that AJ attempted suicide. Also, the season ended with his suicide attempt. At some corner of our heart, we knew that there were about 50-50 chances of the angel of death making a guest appearance in the episode on Tuesday. The thing we never in a million times predicted was learning that Basie Shanks had gone on to that great. Pulpit in the sky. Instead of this, we predicted Grace’s son meeting his maker.


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Greenleaf Season 5 Episode 2 recap

With the beginning of the second day, Grace was told at Memphis General that AJ is stable, but he is being held for 72 hours for psych evaluation and all that stuff. Once he gets conscious, and his sedation gets over, then he may decide whom he wants to see, Grace, or father, Noah. Noah was at that moment was ready to march his way to the town. After returning to the Greenleaf Estate, Grace gave the keys of Mavis’ club to Lady Mae and the Bishop.

Let’s round things out, Bishop Skanks buys a plot across the Calvary, and he asks Jacob to lead at the Christian community center that he’s building at that location. The deputy mayor, sold the plot at a loss, seemingly to spite the Bishop and Skanks was happy to oblige. Jacob tells his father about the plan of Skanks when he was torn.


Berle Dandridge as Grace in Greenleaf Final season
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Overall, the first season was solid. Greenleaf has been a runaway success for OWN, and it consists of all the proper ingredients to improve in the next season. But, the topmost priority of the creators of the show should correct its shaggy pacing issues.