Grey’s Anatomy Is Ending With Season 17? Ellen Pompeo Reveals What’s Actually Happening

On April 9, Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up its 16th season with an episode that very much felt like a finale of the season, even though it had not been planned as one. The show was forced to shut down production due to the coronavirus pandemic, like the rest of Hollywood, which meant the final four episodes of the season were never shot and won’t be seen.

Shortened or not, the season of the show ended in true Grey’s fashion, with a lot of drama. Grey-Sloan team finally figured out what was exactly wrong with Dr. Richard Webber, thanks in no small part to Dr. DeLuca, who is still struggling with his mental health, and performed a life-saving surgery. Meanwhile, Amelia gave birth to her and Link’s son.

A Still from Grey’s Anatomy
Image Source – The NY Times

Owen discovered that Teddy cheated on him with fellow doctor Tom Koracick and Meredith is still sort of flirting with the hot doctor, Cormac Hayes, that Cristina Yang sent her way earlier this season. And, of course, the fans of the series are still recovering from the sudden departure of Alex Karev after Justin Chambers left the show.

Grey’s Anatomy Is Ending With Season 17 | Know What has been revealed recently.

The creative team behind Grey’s Anatomy is already looking ahead to the next season, even if they are not yet sure when they will be able to resume shooting. Krista Vernoff, the showrunner, spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about what’s next and said the writers would start working again in the month of May.

Vernoff said that they are waiting to see what is going to happen with the world. They will be starting a season 17 writers room in the month of May, and at that point, they imagine their conversation will be about starting their story from where they left off in season 16. But she does not think they can take unproduced scripts that they did not shoot and shoot them. They are going to have had a break and have new ideas. They have been texting each other ideas already.

A Still from Grey’s Anatomy
Image Source – The NY Times

Some of those things that hey had decided, they are changing because they will have had a break and have come up with better ideas. Some of it is going to have to change because you are taking what was going to be a regular episode and you have to turn it into a season premiere, and that will require some reimagining.”

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