Groundhog Day: TV series version in the making?

There is a piece of good news for the fans of Rise and Shine: Groundhog Day; evidently, a TV show is in the works of it. In an interview with the actor Stephen Tobolowsky, the one who played Ned Ryerson in Harold Ramis’s time loop classic film of 1993 revealed that a TV series based on the film is in the development stage. In addition to this, Tobolowski has agreed to reprise his role as Ned Ryerson if the series makes it to the production. Stephen also said that there is a talk about the Groundhog Day TV series.

Well, this all started when he met with one of the producers of Goldbergs, on the show on the Sony lot. The producer told Stephen that they are working on a Groundhog Day TV show. He also asked Stephen whether he could play the role of Ned for the TV show, to which Stephen agreed. However, this Ned will be totally different from the previous one as it is Ned thirty years later. No wonder what his life has become.

Groundhog Day
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More about the upcoming TV version

Bill Murray, the actor who starred in the movie version, is very unlikely to return for the Groundhog Day show. However, there are chances that we see him doing a cameo in the show provided that he likes the people involved in the show. If Murray is not returning for the show, then a new character must be assigned the role to be caught in the time loop.

Groundhog Day
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Let’s assume that Ned Ryerson will not be the main character of the show and that Punxsutawney is the center of the time vortex again. You must be aware of the sequel that was released last year as a virtual reality game titled, Like Father Like Son. In the game, the son of Murray’s character was caught in the time loop. Maybe the story gets forward with that approach.

That’s all about Groundhog day TV show. Stay tuned with us to know all the new announcements about the same.

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