Guraburu! Episode 4: What Will Lyria Do Next?

The anime is an adaptation of Guraburu!, which is 4-koma manga of Granblue Fantasy. The series surfaced on August 8, 2020. And, the anime drifts towards its 4th episode. The series covers genres like adventure, comedy, and fantasy.

The anime covers a simple, yet pretty engrossing storyline. And, not only the storyline but the characters also seem interesting. In spite of airing only 3 episodes, the series has managed to get a positive response from the selected audience. But, the critics have shown a neutral flag given only 3 episodes are out. The character development and the storyline starts getting detailed as the anime proceeds. And, the anime shows the potential to become better as every episode passes by. So we’ll have to wait for some time to give it a proper review.

So, with all that, let’s see how the series does on its own. If it gets better with every episode or just fails to shine and outcast the other shows in its genre. With all said, let’s talk about the release date of Episode 4. Make sure to check out the Official Streaming Platform for the anime. Also, while you’re at it, go through the recap of Episode 3.

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Release Date

Guraburu! Episode 4 is all set to be released on Thursday, 29 October 2020, at 9:54 PM JST. Note that the new episodes of this anime will be released every Thursday.

Recapturing Guraburu! Episode 3

Lily starts making mixed pie for everyone and just then, Rackham shows up asking to help. Since Rackham is strong, he helps her by moving the sack of wheat. Rackham wanted to demonstrate his strength by carrying many sacks at once. But, he fails miserably. He drops them and makes a dust explosion. Rackham says that he will make sure that there is no explosion, ignoring the mess he has created. He looks at Lilly talking about Silva and everything goes explodes.

Guraburu! Episode 3
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Lilly screams his name as he is being blown away by the explosion. While flying away Rackham thinks that it is a fate that he couldn’t be able to escape. The explosion was caused by Wheat that has filled the pot while boiling. Meanwhile, Cucouroux starts touching her chest trying to make them big, wondering why they are small. Her friend looks at her and says that it is the real size. Cucouroux is worried that her chest is smaller than both of them.

But, her friend advises her that she must not compare herself to others. Lyria shows up. Lyria is asked to give her opinion about Cucouroux’s chest. Cucouroux’s friend realizes that Lyria is young and she interferes saying that she must not ask Lyria about it. Lyria draws a line using Vryn telling Cucouroux that she must not dare cross the line. Cucouroux thinks that she has gone too far by trying to ask Lyria adult stuff since Lyria is still young. Lyria is angry carrying Vryn who is in a form of a sword.

Guraburu! Episode 3
Source: Crunchyroll

Guraburu! Streaming Platform

You can watch the upcoming as well as previous episodes of Guraburu! on Crunchyroll. Note that this is the official streaming platform for that anime. Always try to use the official or legal websites for streaming as it helps the creators and promotes their work.

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