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Haikyuu Is Concluding: Are We Ready To Bid Farewell?

Haikyuu is coming to an end! Yes, you read that right. Everyone is very upset with the news that their favourite sports manga will no longer air. Haikyuu’s official Twitter page declared that they will wrap the manga on July 20. Weekly Shonen Jump’s next week issue will house the farewell chapter. Fans can expect an emotional update focusing on Hinata and the entire Karasuno gang.

Haruichi Furudate’s hit sports manga will close with Weekly Shonen Jump issue 33-34. This new issue will reportedly contain more Haikyuu’s content than usual as the previous issue was delayed. The final chapter will be 28-page long.

Still from Haikyuu
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Hinata in gear standing next to Kageyama as the honour of the final chapter approaches. Following their ill-timed introduction in middle school, the pair have been through a lot together. The duo started their volleyball journey together and have grown side by side. If the fans are lucky, they will get to see the pair play one final game the story wraps.

Haikyuu: So, what its story about?

A middle school kid named Hinata Shouyou is the main character of the series Haikyuu. The story revolves around him becoming a passionate volleyball player after he sees an advertisement for the national tournament on TV.

He makes a team of five players and unites the entire sports club of his school to achieve his dream of winning the tournament. He and the team lose the contest in the first run. This downfall makes Hinata even more dedicated and he takes a vow to become the best player and win the tournament.

A Still From Haikyuu
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So, after his high school, Hinata from a team with the best players ever. Tn the beginning, the team players do not get along very well. But eventually, they become best friends and start their journey to win the nationals.

Rumors on social media suggested that Haikyuu would be getting a long chapter with color spread at the end of July. From what our sources tell us, this rumor seems to be true.

Haiykuu’s journey has been amazing all along, getting tremendous love from the fans worldwide. Fans are going to shed a tear or twelve when they reach the manga’s final page.



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