Half Life 3: Release Date, Story-Line & Latest Updates

Half Life just returned with a new version, Half-Life: Alyx, this March, 2020. Now, as per reports, the makers are ready to release the third edition of Half Life.

Here are all the updates that you need to follow as a fan of the series.

Half Life 2

Release Date –

First introduced in 1998, Half Life became a huge hit instantly. The second series got its release back in 2004 with three various chapters, all released in different years.

Half-Life 2 in 2005
Half-Life 2: Episode One was in 2006,
Half-Life 2: Episode Two in 2007.

Now, after almost thirteen years, it has been made official by Valve that there’ll be more of Half Life for the fans. Developers, Robin Walker and Chris Remo, in one of the interviews, said that Half Life three would happen “soon.”

But as of now, there’s no confirmation about the release date of the third edition of Half Life.

Half Life: Gordon Freeman

Storyline –

The game will take place in the City 17 and will be continuing the plot from its second installment.

The fans saw the death of Eli Vance in Episode 2 and Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance, trekking to the Arctic to find a research vessel, Borealis. Further, it followed Alyx and Gordon, destroying (it) before it came in the hands of the Combine.

The story of the new version will revolve around the same background. With the crazy popularity that the game holds, this news has undoubtedly made the game lovers very happy.

The wait is about to get over.

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