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Halle Berry Vs. LisaRaye McCoy Battle Grows Uglier! Here’s What Berry Recently Said

Halle Berry Vs. LisaRaye McCoy: The actress confirmed she is dating artist Van Hunt in a September Instagram post. Halle Berry is defending her bedroom honor. The star tweeted she is right in bed. It also refuted a suggestion made by actress Lisa Raye McCoy. The advice made on Fox Soul’s Cocktails, including Queens, last week. “Ms. @TheRealLRaye1, ask my partner @vanhunt he will tell ya all you all need you to need to know.” Berry, 54, tweeted on Wednesday. And she is also adding a laughing emoji.

Halle Berry Vs. LisaRaye McCoy Battle Grows Uglier!

When host Claudia Jordan pressed McCoy on Halle Berry’s idea, but it wasn’t right in bed. The actress commonly said, “That is something they said not me. That is what I read. That is what I’ve heard. That is what they say.”

McCoy later made the air. And she readdressed her comments on Wednesday on Cocktails with Queens. And she is saying, “I recognize when Monster’s Ball. And [it] was her love scene. And also, they were trying to say that that’s how she is in bed. “And it stayed like, no. And also it was a movie guy. And what are you talking about?” McCoy explained.

Monster’s Ball was a 2001 film starring Berry. And also Billy Bob Thornton, Sean Combs, Mos Def and Peter Boyle. The film received Halle Berry an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002.

McCoy figured she wasn’t able to represent Berry’s skills in the bedroom. It is all because she’s never slept with her.

“I don’t understand that because I’m not gay nor am I bisexual.” She further e said. “But that disturbed me because Halle is pretty. I don’t have difficulty with Halle. I love Halle.”

A source earlier told us that Berry has already introduced her daughter Nahla, 12. And also son Maceo, 7, to the Grammy winner. You now, of course.” The Twitter world is going crazy!

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