Hamilton Musical: First Clip Revealed By Disney

Music is life. Without music, the world would be silent and dull. Music enfolds us in a blanket of comfort. Above all, it gives us inspiration in moments of loneliness and grief. Similarly, musical movies touch the hearts of people and convey positive messages.

So, good news for musical film fans, Disney is coming with one of the best musical films Hamilton.

You may have heard interesting gossips about Hamilton. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re conscious of what it is. So, read the full article to know about the movie.

 Hamilton: All About The Movie

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Hamilton is an upcoming musical drama film. The director of the movie is Thomas Kail and the writer is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The movie is set to be digitally released on Disney+ on July 3, 2021. The film is a live recording of Miranda’s 2015 Broadway Musical of Hamilton. It has a family-friendly story and countless fans.

Trailer Of The Movie

Get your first taste of the movie by watching the official trailer.

Airdate: When is the movie going to release?

However, the movie was originally set to be released on October 15, 2021. But, the conditions all over the world are getting worse due to COVID- 19 pandemic. Therefore, the date shifted to July 3, 2021.

Cast: Who all are in the movie?

The movie casts:

  • Miguel Cervantes as Alexander Hamilton.
  • Daniel Breaker as Aaron Burr.
  • Mandy Gonzalez as Angelica Schuyler.
  • Euan Morton as King George.
  • Tamar Greene as George Washington.
  • Krystal Joy Brown as Eliza Hamilton.
  • James Monroe Iglehart as Thomas Jefferson.
  • Fergie L. Philippe as  Hercules Mulligan/James Madison.


Plot: What is in the movie?

The movie is based on the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton written by historian Ron Chernow. Above all, the musical film tells the story of the forgotten American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. The film is all about Hamilton’s conquest out of destitution and to power against the backdrop of the American War of Independence.

Production of the movie

The film is polished together from three shows of Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York in June 2016. Most importantly, it was declared that Walt Disney Studios had obtained the global distribution rights for the film for $75 million.




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