Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita: Mamoru Oshii Plays Himself in Live-Action Romance Film

Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita or “I fell in love like a bouquet” is an original romance movie by screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto. He is a person who has released hit series of drama series such as “Tokyo Love Story”, “Mother”, “The Best Divorce” and “Quartet”. This time, Sakamoto’s script, “I fell in love like a bouquet,” is my first original movie. Also, Sakamoto’s love story in the movie is the first time since “Crying Out Love in the Center of the World” (2004, joint script).

Release Date 

The movie will be official released in January 2021. No exact date has been announced yet. But, as always, when it is out, you’ll be the first one to know.

About Mamoru Oshii in Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita

The staff of the live-action film announced on Monday that anime director Mamoru Oshii will play himself in the film. Oshii’s role brings both of the film’s main characters together, as they both are into subculture works and regard Oshii as a “God.”

Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita Source: judittokyo.comMamoru-Oshii

Oshii is known for writing and directing numerous animated films, original video anime (OVA), television anime series, and live-action films. His early career included directing the first original video anime, Dallos. He also directed Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer, Angel’s Egg, and several Patlabor projects.


The story is set in present-day Tokyo. It depicts a story that begins with the “night” of a man and a woman who happened to meet because they missed the last train at Meidaimae Station on the Inokashira Line. The whereabouts of one love, in which the times, times, places, and all chances are synchronized like fate, and the realistic appearance of two people walking while hesitating when they are neither children nor adults. A love story is born for young people living in the 2000s.

Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita Official Synopsis 

University students Yamane Mugi and Yatani Silk met by chance because they missed the last train at Meidaimae Station on the Tokyo Keio Line.

Mugi and Silk, who have almost the same favorite music and movies and fell in love in a blink of an eye, graduated from college and started living together while working as part-time workers. Even if Shibuya Parco closes the store or SMAPXSMAP reaches the final round, they will continue their job-hunting activities to maintain the status quo daily.

Main Cast 

Masaki Suda will play the role of Mugi Yamane, and Kasumi Arimura will play the role of Masuya Mugioto.

Additional casts are Kaya Kiyohara, Kanata Hosoda, Joe Odagiri, Keiko Toda, Ryo Iwamatsu, and Kaoru Kobayashi.



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