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Hanna Season 2 – Over Hyped Or Worth it?

While season 1 of “Hanna” was a more of coming of age drama laced with many interesting plot lines and undeniably good action, exploring the life of a teenage girl raised in the woods as she embarks on a journey learning the truth about her existence, season 2 of “Hanna” appears to be more defined, honed and a more engaging continuation of its predecessor. ‘What exactly was different from the first season?’ Well apart from the obvious warmer feel credited to the change in the color palette, the character of Hanna seems to have grown into her own and is creating her own identity.

Joel Kinnaman and Esmé  in Season 1

Yasmin Monet Prince as Clara in “Hanna: season 2”

It appeared in the first season, Hanna played by the talented Esmé Creed-Miles, was accustomed to the shadow of his guardian– Erik (Joel Kinnaman) and sort of comforted by it, but as we witnessed at the grim climax of the season one, he is definitely not around anymore. Season 2 of Hanna a directs continuation, thus shows the title character go through a shift in paradigm as she now is to act as the guardian of her newly found partner in crime, Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince) who was the only one who dared to have left the shackles they were put in by the secret UTRAX program, as they further navigate into the world, they were refrained from knowing.


Dermont Mulroney as Joel Carmichael in “Hanna: season 2”

The other known character returning with a different tone in their personality is the CIA Agent Marrisa Wiegler (Known for ‘The Killing’) who for the most part of season 1 was the shady force to be steered clear of is now returned as a complex character with some goodness present there, nevertheless. The limited but interesting interaction seen between her and our main Protagonist is something of a treat. As the story moves forward the one thing that remains the same is the threat from Utrax especially under the new-made leadership change and the constant struggle of Hanna against it as her new protégé Clara is prone to make misjudgments on account of her personal agenda of finding her mother.
With a handful of new characters including the new enticing villain/Utrax Leader – John Carmicheal (Dermont Mulroney) and newer agents like Leo Garner (Anthony Walsh) and Cherrelle Skeete(Terri Miller), Hanna season 2 turns out to be bigger and better than it’s predecessor and is definitely drifted far away from the original source material (the 2011 Joe Wright’s film of the same name) but for the better. With the exception of a few sloppy movement mid-seasons, Season 2 overall provides some worthwhile watch-hours.

Positively reinforcing female-driven dramas in this day and hour along with dealing with subject matter such as identity crisis and adolescent behavior, season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Hanna is inherently emotional too along with the series’ defining action sequences, the strong female presence on the show serves as an example for many writers around the entertainment industry to develop such characters. With more and more secrecy building and more and intricate plot lines being formed the series as a whole is moving in the right direction with season 2 as a worthy addition which is definitely worth a watch. Who doesn’t like seeing girls kick some serious ass!

Ayush Joshi
Ayush Joshi
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