Hannibal: Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Show On Netflix?

Hannibal, the crime thriller was off aired 5 long years back. However, it has got a certain amount of viewers on Netflix that love the show. Even though it was out of the market long back. However, it’s fans still hope season 4 of the show.

Hannibal was created by Bryan Fuller. However, it is a video graphic incorporation of Thomas Harris’s novel. Moreover, it was aired for three seasons and gained a certain amount of fan base before it ended. Moreover, since its addition to Netflix, its viewership has widened and increased.

Who is the Villain? (Image: Otakukart News)

Everything About Hannibal

People should not get confuse the movie of the same with the show. The movie is totally different from the show, Hannibal. The movie starred Anthony Hopkins as the protagonist whereas the show stars Mads Mikkelsen. The show focuses on Dr. Hannibal Lectar who is a psychiatrist. And Will Graham, who us a criminal. Dr. Lectar investigates and examines Will. However, the investigation gets tougher and entangle with plots of the Dr. Lecter.


The Cast Of Hannibal

The main character of the show Dr. Hannibal Lecter was played by Mads Mikkelsen and Will Graham by Hugh Dancy. Apart from the cast also includes Gillian Anderson and Lawrence Fishburne.

Will Graham: Mystery or Barrier (Image: TVOvermind)

As soon as Netflix revealed Hannibal’s inclusion on the platform people got excited. All three seasons of the show are present on Netflix. On 5th June Hannibal got included on Netflix. Moreover, Netflix presented a strong probability of season 4 of the show. Mads took a dig at the same by posting a picture of the same on his Instagram profile.

Can there be a season 4?

Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show revealed that there can be next season of the show. However, NBC has canceled its renewal. So, another platform partnering the show can help in the next season of the Hannibal.

No Expiry Date of Ideas (Image: Syfy Wire)

Moreover, Netflix is quite popular for reincarnating the dead shows. Such as Lucifer which got off-air after three seasons. However, Lucifer got regenerated after being on Netflix. Similarly, Money Heist didn’t get any love in Spain but as soon as getting on board on Netflix. It was rejuvenated, many seasons were aired on Netflix.

Moreover, last year Fuller tweeted that there isn’t any expiration date of ideas. Also, he said along with his cast of the show is interested too.

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