Harry Styles’ New Look Is Grabbing All The Attention. Know Why!

Harry Styles has done something new with his hair in this lockdown, and fans are loving the new look. The Watermelon Sugar singer was spotted while he was going food shopping in London. This is when his new clipped man bun look was spotted.

The 26-year-old was one of the members of the music group, One-Direction, better known as One-D. However, the band broke up and the artist has been doing singles albums since then. Harry Styles completed his look with Ray-Ban sunglasses and a hoodie for his stroll around Hampstead with a male pal. And not-to-mention, he was also wearing a protective face mask

Harry Styles
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Harry Styles: So what’s the star been up to?

The Fine Line singer isolated himself in Los Angeles amid the pandemic. He returned to London earlier this month. Upon his return, we have seen him flaunting his unique knee tattoos while going for a jog. The ink above and below his knees say ‘yes’ in French and Spanish on his right leg and ‘no’ in both languages on his left leg.

The singer kept a low profile during the lockdown and had to kick off the North American leg of his tour. Harry had to postpone his European dates for Love On Tour for April. Eventually, he later delayed his US dates for this summer to 2021 as well.

Harry Styles
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The tour is postponed to August of the next year. It will start off in Washington and wrap up in New York in October.

Styles also reflected his view on the Black Lives Matter movement and told that he will be educating himself during his time off. He tweeted earlier this month:

‘I do things every day without fear, because I am privileged, and I am privileged every day because I am white.’

Harry also added that being not racist is not enough, we have to be an anti-racist. He has maintained his stand on the BLM movement. He recently offered to donate the bail funds to organizers protesting over George Floyd‘s death.

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This makes you fall in love with the singer all over again and his looks are just a cherry on the top.

Stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!

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