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Harry says, “Don’t Worry Darling”! Know Everything About This New Thriller

Olivia Wilde bagged Harry and Florence for her New Thriller- “Don’t Worry, Darling”

Harry Edward Styles aka the 1D guy who stole our hearts, started his acting career with one of the best in the business, Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”. It is not very far for that we would see this talented singer-actor in his second movie “Don’t Worry Darling”. Originally, Shia LaBeouf was supposed to play the role, but due to a scheduling conflict, Olivia Wilde replaced him with Styles.

The bidding war for the movie was a fire-pit as Wilde’s directorial debut “Booksmart” was highly critically acclaimed. Finally New Line Cinemas bagged the film and after such efforts, no doubt it is considered as highest priority. Wilde, Silberman will be the producers besides Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment while, Catherine Hardwicke, Shane and Carey Van Dyke are the executive producers of the project. 

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Harry Styles for a magazine photo shoot (Source:gettyImages)

More about the cast and story of Don’t Worry Darling

The makers also signed Florence Plough and Chris Pine on this project along with Styles earlier this year. The director, Olivia Wilde, is supposed to play a supporting role. The Fifty Shades actress, Dakota Johnson, is also roped in among the leads.

The name of Styles is enough to draw the attention of viewers at anything, and everything but the executives at Warner nabbed Harry after bring impressed by his acting skills in “Dunkirk”. Although, Wilde and Pugh also insisted on including Styles in the project after they had an initial meeting.

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Chris Pine-Olivia Wilde-Harry Styles-Florence Pugh-Dakota Johnson(source:GettyImages)

Storyline of “Don’t Worry Darling”

Not much has been revealed regarding the plot though it is known that the film is based in the 1950s. The storyline revolves around a remote, utopian community in the desert of California. The primary focus of the movie is a mournful housewife who discovers an astounding secret about her life.

Who plays who?

Florence Pugh is going to play the downhearted wife while Styles is the husband. Pine will be playing a boss-man who is respected by all the staff members at a mysterious workplace. All the lads are hired outside the city. Dakota Johnson plays the neighbour of Pugh who shows strange and paranoid behaviour.

Florence Pugh and Harry to play the leads(Source:Special)

Wilde’s Upcoming projects

Wilde is one of the most coveted film-makers in the business. She is all set to direct an upcoming Marvel project, other than that she will be directing as well be an executive producer for the Searchlight feature “Perfect”. 

What is known about the release?

Thriller and Styles fans are eagerly waiting for this movie, but there is no official announcement regarding the release date yet. The film is predicted to be released by the end of 2020. Although in these pandemic ridden conditions nothing can be surely said until the officials make an announcement. Yet, we can anticipate the movie max-to-max by mid-2021.



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