Henry Cavill Still Wants To Play James Bond | Daniel Craig Steps Down

Henry Cavill, best known for playing the iconic role of one of the most favourite superheroes of all time, Superman, says that he would still love to play the character of super spy, James Bond following the stepping down of Daniel Craig from the role. The actor playing the strongest character in the DC Universe, stated that he still wants to portray the role of James Bond.

The search for a new 007 intensified when Daniel Craig stepped down the role of James Bond, and there are questions that continue to roam around that who will be filling the void created by Daniel for the role of James Bond.

Henry Cavill
Image Source – NME

After playing the role of the super-spy James Bond, in the Casino Royale movie of the year 2006, Craig established himself very quickly as the face of a new era for the venerated franchise. Initially the fans of the series had their noses turned up as they did not like the idea of the portrayal of the role of James Bond by a blonde man.

Henry Cavill Wants to Play James Bond

In the weeks and months leading up to the release of the Casino Royale movie, many of the fans of the Bond thought there had been a major error in the franchise. It turned out that casting Craig for the role of James Bond in the movie was one of the best things that ever happened to the 007 franchise.

At the present time, when Craig has prepared himself to step down the role, then the fans of the Bond are expecting someone equally suitable or even better to replace him as Bond.

With numerous rumours floating around about who might end up playing the role, one particular candidate has not given up hope till now and he thinks that he is the right man for the job. Henry Cavill, who once auditioned for the role at the age of 22, is now 37-years-old, and far closer to the age bracket for 007. In a new interview with GQ, Cavill stated that he would still love the opportunity to play the international spy.

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Henry Cavill
Image Source – NME

When Henry Cavill acknowledged that the casting decision for the character of James Bond is still in the air, he said that if Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the Bond, and Mike, were interested in that, then he would absolutely jump at the opportunity. He said that he would love to play the role of James Bond.

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