Higanjima Vampire: Comedy Spinoff Manga Officially Confirmed!

Higanjima Vampire is going to get a gag comedy manga spinoff. Kōji Matsumoto is the manga’s writer. It is titled Kare, Kishijima (He is Kishijima). Kodansha’s Yanmaga Web and Comic Days websites will launch the spinoff on Monday. Here’s’ everything you need to know about it!

Higanjima Vampire: Comedy Spinoff Manga!

Tarō Sasebo is drawing the manga. The Higanjima franchise is a massive hit and is adapted into many other installments. It has three manga series, two live-action films, and two live-action drama series.

Higanjima Vampire
Source: Comic Days

Higanjima Deluxe was the second-live action film and it came out in Japan in October 2016. The Higanjima X anime premiered in October 2016 and aired for 12 episodes. It ended in March 2017. The anime was very unique and told a self-contained, stand-alone story in every episode. It contained key scenes and dialogue from the manga while adding some original elements.

Only one cast member voiced every episode. The voice artist changed every three episodes.


Akira Miyamoto had a nice family that was leading an easy-going life. One day, his brother, Atsushi goes missing and everything falls apart. He and his family start worrying about Atsushi. They cannot keep it together and eventually lose the family business.

Higanjima Vampire
Source: Comic Days

Akira Miyamoto’s father becomes an alcoholic and loses track of life. Akira’s family constantly compares him to Atsushi. On the other hand, Akira like a girl named Yuki. However, she already had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Ken, who was also Akira’s friend.

Things Take a Turn!

Things take a turn when Akira finds a girl unconscious in front of his house. The girl’s name was Rei Aoyama. She shows Akira Atsushi’s ID card, claiming that Atsushi is alive. Rei explains everything to Akira. She says that Atsushi is trapped on Higanjima Island.

The Vampires residing on the island are inhabiting him. Akira decides to save his brother. So, he invites his friends along under the guise of a vacation to celebrate their graduation.

Akira invites his friends to help his brother, under the guise of a vacation to celebrate their graduation.

Higanjima Vampire
Source: Comic Days

The gang arrives on the island. As soon as they rest their boat on the shore, vampires attack it. They capture all of them except Rei. Akira and his friends later manage to escape before vampires can drain their blood. On the island, when they were strolling, Akira meets Atsushi. She tells him that Miyabi is the leader of all these vampires.

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Akira and his friends start training under Atsushi. They need to be strong and ready to face Miyabi and his vampire army. Only then, the group will be able to escape the island alive.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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