Hoops: Season 1 Ending Explained

Hoops‘ is an American adult animated sitcom released on Netflix. It is created by Ben Hoffman and its season 1 has 10 episodes. Read on to know the plot of Hoops and its ending. Spoilers Ahead!

Hoops: Plot

The sitcom revolves around a hot-headed basketball coach Ben Hopkins. Apart from his anger, he is foul-mouthed too. Ben calls his players ugly and hateable in a non-shaming way. He looks at the players’ incompetent performances on the field as a lack of good genes. However, he only does this because he wants the tallest guy in the school Matty, to join his team. In order to make him part of this team, Ben can cross any limits.

Apart from the team, other people also don’t have a very good impression of Ben. The school’s principal Opal Lowry wants this coach to attend anger management classes. Ben’s own father Barry Hopkins has lost all faith in him. Barry disregards him as a huge disappointment for the family as Barry was a former pro-basketball player.

Ben’s personal life is not in good shape as well. His wife Shannon has left him and is waiting for a divorce from him. She also dated Ron who is Ben’s best friend and dumped him too. This gave Ben some hope of getting back with her as he never signed the divorce papers yet. But one day over dinner she clearly states him that they can not get back together, leaving him heartbroken!


The Ending Explained

During the course of time ‘Hoops’ take us into the flashback about the lives of different adult characters. Life stories and details about Ben, Shannon, Barry, Ron, and Opal are made more evident as they talk to the grief counselor.

The dynamics of Ben and Shannon’s relationship become more clear. In fact, Ben was a polite and well-versed guy before he met Shannon. It turns out that the foul-mouthed Shannon passed on her habits to him and thus, Ben became like her. She on the other hand, later on, got annoyed with Ben’s behavior and dumped him considering him toxic for her life.

Does Shannon get back to Ben?

On the way to Cincinnati where the match was held, Shannon’s truck gets stolen. Ben and Shannon end up at a cowboy bar. Ben gives her signed divorce papers as a gift but they end up making out in the storage room. After this incident, in the season finale of the ‘Hoops’ Ben is seen boasting about having sex with his ex-wife. However, Shannon decides to break his bubble of hope. She informs him that she wants neither him nor Ron as a potential mate.

Things get spiced up in ‘Hoops’ when a scout from a fancy prep school arrives to recruit Matty. Ben in order to stop this effort, brings his friend Connie, making her Matty’s fake mother. According to the coach’s plan, she should say no to the school recruiter. But, we find the fake mother getting all emotional and saying yes to the prep school for her fake son’s bright future.

A scene from Hoops
Courtesy: Netflix

Hoops: Ben’s true intentions exposed.

In ‘Hoops’ ending moments we find Ben being recalcitrant about the transfer of Matty. This leads the scout to offer an assistant coach position to Ben at his school. Ben, being the self-centered person which he always has been, accepts that offer! Tables turn and Ben’s true nature is revealed. He does not care about Matty’s refusal of joining the new team. He even forces him to accept the offer in order to gain his own position of assistant at the new school.

In the ending scene of Hoops, Coach Ben is seen bidding goodbye to Lenwood High School. He also gives junk from his car as ‘goodbye gifts’ to the rest of the team. Thus, he leaves for the fancy boarding school with Matty. Meanwhile, Shannon and Opal celebrate Shannon’s single status. Their friendship is shown very heartwarming. Shannon’s journey on the series is shown about self-realization.

The show’s ending clearly shows us how selfish Ben really is. His whole idea of getting the best player Matty to his team was just to win some games to show his father. As Matty left the school, Ben too left showing his self-indulgent characteristics and personal priorities.

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