Host : Movie’s Ending Explained

‘Host’ is a 2020 British horror movie directed by Rob Savage. It was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic with quarantine restrictions. Thus, Savage had directed the actors to set up their own cameras, lighting, and stunts. The movie received good critics reviews. Read on to discover its plot and ending.

Host: Synopsis

‘Host’ is a story about six friends who attend a Zoom call with a séance practitioner. They intended to witness some paranormal stuff during the quarantine to spice up their long-distance friendship. However, things turned out way cruel and really bad later on.


The Ending Explained

Who called the Ghost in Host?

At first, it is suspected that Haley summoned the ghost and her house seemed haunted even before the zoom meeting. However, later in the meeting, Gemma lies about some paranormal activity in her room. She states the ghost to be of Jack, a boy who died by suicide. The séance warns them not to lie as it may trigger the spirits to manifest those lies. Thus, Gemma’s false statements manifested a demonic spirit that embodied Jack. The deaths of Teddy’s girlfriend and Redina’s husband, the polaroid by Haley showing hanging figure, all of these direct that demon has become Jack.

Was Teddy’s fate already sealed with death?

Towards the end of the film Host, Teddy joins the meeting and eventually has the same end as them. Would he be alive if he did not join the meeting again? Well, the early scenes suggest something different. In the opening scene, he shows a creepy music box to girls, which is found in his garage after being chased by the spirit. This may prove that ghost was already present with them, even before Gemma told the lies.

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Zoom call in Host
Courtesy: Shudder

Thus, the movie ‘Host’ is an apposite description of the helplessness they face during the pandemic. They cannot meet hence they start a zoom call. Though being aware of the paranormal activities, they can not leave their houses. Although being directed on a zoom call, ‘Host’ will give you chills and keep you in intense horror during its runtime.

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