How And Where To Watch Attack On Titans Season 4. All The Opening Details

Attack On Titans, being one of the people’s favourite anime, thee popular anime enjoys a huge fan base. The creators have announced the anime’s fourth instalment.

After the announcement, the fans got relief as they were left on a massive cliffhanger in season 3. Here you will find the information about where and when to watch Season 4 of AOT.

Release Date of Attack on Titans Season 4:

As a report, the series is releasing on December 7, 2020. It will premiere on HNK in Japan. And for international viewers, the show will be on Funimation and Crunchyroll later this year.

The anime was expected to be released on August 6, but Animate Times reported that the series was taken out from the Fall season schedule and released later.

Release date on Netflix:

There is a talk that season 4 of Attack on Titans will be available on the Netflix platform on December 11.

Release Time:

According to the Report, the first episode of Attack on Titans Season 4 will be premiering at 12:10 A.M. (Japan/Tokyo time) on NHK-G in Japan.

And on Funimation, it will get premiere later that day.

Attack on Titans Plot:

The AOT is a dark fantasy, where the survived people live in an area surrounded by a vast wall to protect themselves from the Titans. Titans are humongous Humanoid beings who attack humans and eat them without any reason.

To survive and protect the rest of the human beings, Eren Jaeger and his friends take a pledge to take revenge from Titans. Eren and their friends pledge to reclaim the world from the titans. They joined the elite group, the force with fights the Titans on first hand.


Attack on Titan‘s final season will have a new opening theme. First, it was noted that Shinsei Kamattechan (who previously performed the Season 2 ending, “Yuugure no Tori“) would be behind the new opening titled “My War.”

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