How big will Fast and Furious saga will be. Vin says thee series will be as long as Avengers end.

Fast and Furious creator Universal Pictures had the plan to make F&F series with only ten movies. Still, the series producer Vin Diesel said he wants the saga to be as big as Avengers finale.

He stated the Fast and Furious 10 would have two parts.

Throughout the series, Diesel was away for two movies, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift. After which he made the series, focus on “family”, after which, Diesel and Universal Pictures have collected $6 billion in their accounts from Bollywood.

John Cena will be in Fast and Furious 9.


The trailer of Fast and furious was released recently, continuing the theme of “family”, including the tradition of expensive cars and adrenaline action package. Where John Cena has entered to show some action, introduced as Dom’s younger brother, Jakob, which got much attention. Also, Han Lue will get justice. Diesel stated: “And for fans, Fast, parts one and two, they should conclude, so that world continued for generations to come. It would be good”.

Most probably Fast and Furious 9 will be a movie for justice for Han

However, for Jonson’s return of Johnson Lukes Hobbes, Cena, as Jacob and Hans return, must have two parts to conclude. After the release of Fast and Furious 9, we will have a clear picture, whether the series will find its end with two sections or just one.

For now, the release date of fast and furious 9 has been set to May 22.

We can conclude that if the upcoming movie gains much attention, the series finale will split into two. Still, if the audience reach is less, then the series will end soon.

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