How To Sell Drugs Online(Fast) -Season 1 Recap

How to sell drugs online(fast) is back again with its dicey title under Netflix’s banner. The story is about a teenager who starts a business of selling drugs from his basement. Now as weird as the story sounds it’s pretty interesting. With a humorous outlook on the whole scenario season, 1 was wonderfully executed. Let’s have a recap at what happened in season 1.

How to sell drugs online(fast) – Season 1 Recap

Well, teenager, Moritz Zimmermann is with Lisa Novek until she came back from a trip to the USA. Now that she is back and hooked on drugs. Pretty terrible right! what is more terrible is that she is now with some kid drug dealer in their school. Moritz can’t make it this, he flips on the drug dealer during a party and he gets caught. Here’s the funny part, he took all the drugs that the drug supplier had (Who also got caught). 

courtesy: Netflix
Moritz and Lenny still from season 1

Now Moritz with his new inventory with his friend Lenny decides to start an online business. With the help of a new supplier, they start a new website MyDrugs on the darknet. The whole second part works on the struggles of Moritz and friends trying to sell drugs and growing it. As the site became popular and popular, Moritz decides to expand to more than one drug.

With the increase in business, the problems also increased. The supplier Buba getting arrested and the erasing of the evidence puts more jeopardy on Moritz’s head. Buba is out he kidnaps Lenny and now to save his friend Dan is brought in the equation.

Well, in the end, Buba dies and the teenager is in the safe and tries to focus on business. With a new supplier GoodTimes, But! what they don’t know is GoodTimes is even worse than the previous one. Now we are to what is going to happen next in How to sell drugs online(fast) season 2

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