Hubie Halloween Ending Explained: Same Old Happy Endings But With A Twist!

Hubie Halloween is an Ameican horror comedy film which released on October 7, 2020, on Netflix. Adam Sandler is not only starring in this movie, but he is also the co-writer and co-producer. Just another reason that you should love the film.!

We have seen his versatility in movies from 50 First Dates to Hotel Transylvania. So, when Hubie Halloween came on Netflix just in time for the approaching Halloween vibes, we felt joys and something more, literally.!

Spoilers Ahead!!

Plot Synopsis 

Hubie Dubois is a man with a golden heart. Hence, unfortunately, is an easy target for bullies and is always the bottom of many jokes in his hometown. 

All Hubie wants is to guarantee that people can have a safe but fun Halloween every year, and this time around, nothing has changed. Notwithstanding being pulled on consistently, he uses his excellent hi-tech thermos and cycles around the neighbourhood to ensure that things are running smoothly. Hubie has a crush on Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen). He has loved her since the second grade. A now-divorced Violet is raising three foster children and works at a diner, where she has many casual conversations with Hubie.

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One day, Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi) moves in next door and tells Hubie to disregard any noises that may come from his house. He urges the simple Hubie to turn the other jowl entirely. It is around the same time that Richie Hartman (Rob Schneider) has also jumped from a psych ward, and this piece of information scares Officer Steve Downing (Kevin James). So, the cop tells Hubie to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. When people mysteriously vanish all over town on Halloween night, the self-appointed guardian of the holiday jumps into action to protect the people of Salem.

Hubie Halloween Ending 

At first, Hubie thinks that the kidnapper is none other than his neighbour, Walter, who also seems to be a werewolf. On the other hand, Officer Downing believes that Hubie’s old friend, Richie Hartman, is responsible. But a call from the police station proves both of them wrong. After all, when Lester and Mrs Hennessey were taken, both Walter and Richie were already in police supervision. It turns out that the latter had broken out of the mental institution only to bring back his roommate, Walter.

With no suspects in view, the tables turn against Hubie, and everyone wonders if he was kidnapping to take revenge for all the bullying he’s been constrained to over the years. But that is not so, and he runs away to the WTCH radio station, where DJ Aurora tells Hubie that there is a lady who calls in to dedicate songs for him. The radio jockey also mentions Chardonnay, accidentally referring to an earlier (and private) conversation between Hubie and Violet.

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So, the Halloween enthusiast calls the cops, and together, they hope to get a confession from his crush. When Violet shows up, Hubie instantly panics and says the safe word: pumpkin. So the officers call the burner cell that DJ Aurora had told them about. The sound comes from Hubie’s house, clearing Violet’s name once and for all. They profess their love for each other, but he rushes back to save his mother.

However, it turns out that Mrs Dubois (June Squibb) is behind all this. She has taken a stand on behalf of her son and kidnaps Mr Landolfa, Mike Mundi, and Lester and Mrs Hennessey. They are tied to trees, and the mother spreads gasoline around to light them on fire. Hubie saves the day by throwing his soup on the lit matchstick. Pretty strange and satisfying!!

The four are still relatively thankless, but Mrs Dubois calls them out on their ungrateful behaviour.

An honest conversation takes place where everyone communicates their reason for rebuking Hubie, from “sex hope” to him having hair on his head. Mrs Dubois then disappears after playing the Frankenstein trick. 

In the end, however, Hubie gets together with Violet. He also becomes the mayor of Salem. No longer do people throw objects and taunts at him as he goes down the street.

Why Did Hubie Go to the WTCH Radio Station?

When everyone starts feeling as though Hubie is the culprit, he leaves the haunted house and runs towards the WTCH radio station. Now, the radio announcements do play a small yet impactful role throughout the movie. But knowing the kind of person Hubie is, it seems a bit odd that the lead chooses to go there instead of his house to check up on his mother first.

Hubie tells DJ Aurora that he is in desperate need of some sound advice, but isn’t that something he could expect from his mother? (Keep in mind, at this point in the movie, he is unaware that she is the culprit). Moreover, it does seem a bit close that this is when the DJ gives Hubie the information (the number of the burner phone) he needs to solve the case. In some ways, it feels as though this was simply a way to advance the plot without too many complications.

Hubie and Violet Get Married?

There is a weird electronic kiss that both of them share after Hubie stops his mother’s plans. We then see them at next year’s Halloween, where Violet’s children are calling him dad and asking the couple to check out their costumes. Although no scene shows them getting married, wedding bands are visible on Hubie’s and Violet’s left hands.

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Why Tribute to Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce was supposed to be a part of ‘Hubie Halloween’ before his shocking and untimely passing in July 2019 in Los Angeles due to epileptic fits. He was just 20 years old at the time, so it only fitted for the filmmakers to pay him a tribute at the end of the movie.

The ‘Hubie Halloween’ radio voice might sound familiar.

While some of the actors featured in Hubie Halloween might be completely familiar, others have left viewers scratching their heads. Like the voice behind the radio DJ, DJ Aurora. It is played by Shaquille O’Neal, but his voice is distinct and clearly belongs to a woman. It led to some viewers wondering whose voice he is using, since it is clearly not his own.

According to IMDb, actress Vivian Nixon’s voice was used as DJ Aurora in Hubie Halloween. She has been in both TV and movies, but her work has never focused on her voice like her small role in Hubie Halloween. However, you might recognize her as an intern from several seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and from a couple episodes of Station 19.

‘Hubie Halloween’ is currently streaming on Netflix with 5.2/10 rating on IMDb and 51% on Rotten Tomatoes. It surely is a one-time-watch in this festive season.

Stay tuned, Stay Safe!!

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