‘I Think Our Son Is Gay’, ‘Otherside Picnic’: Square Enix Licenses Both Manga

Square Enix Manga & Books has officially licensed the Otherside Picnic and I Think Our Son Is Gay manga. Square Enix Manga & Books is Square Enix’s North American publishing division. They announced the news on Thursday.

‘I Think Our Son Is Gay’, ‘Otherside Picnic’: Square Enix Licenses Both Manga
Source: Square Enix

Square Enix: Otherside Picnic

Square Enix Manga & Books are all set to launch Eita Mizuno’s manga adaptation of Iori Miyazawa’s Urasekai Picnic. They will release the novel both physically and digitally on May 25, 2021.


This is a sci-fi/fantasy survival thriller that revolves around the dangerous and deadly realm of the Otherside. Urban legends, cryptids, and folkloric legends roam the Otherside. This mysterious world calls out to two women, both in search of something. They set out to explore this other world and to settle their curiosity. Will the most earth-shattering thing they discover on the Otherside by their feelings for each other?

The novel also inspired a television anime and it is in making. Yumiri Hanamori will voice Sorao Kamikoshi, and Ai Kayano will voice Toriko Nishina. Takuya Satō is directing the anime as well as writing the script.

Otherside Picnic
Source: Square Enix

Square Enix: I Think Our Son Is Gay

Square Enix Manga & Books will release Okura’s ‘I Think Our Son Is Gay’ manga physically and digitally on May 11, 2021.


Akiyoshi’s family consists of four people but most of the time he is away because of his job. While he goes to work, his wife Tomoko takes care of their children, Hiroki and Yuri. Hiroki is in his first year of high school. He is enjoying his college days. He is learning about sex and romance and new feeling are giving him chills. Tomoko thinks that Hiroki is gay and she is fine with it. She wants Hiroki to figure out by himself so she decides not to tell him anything. Hiroki wants to keep this a secret. He might die of embarrassment before all is said and done!

Okura released the manga in August 2019. The second compiled volume just got shipped on March 21.

More details will be revealed soon. Until then, say tuned and keep reading!


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