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ID Invaded Season Two Premiering Soon- Check Out More Details!

ID Invaded is easily one of the best shows from 2020, not just for the critics, but for the audiences as well. However, the latest buzz maker in the scene is the second season being on the horizon. From crazy psychology to brutal serial murders, this franchise has it all.

The series is revolving around interesting concepts and ideas that are well explored. However, this is all due to the famous director Ei Aoki and Studio NAZ. Also, who made it possible to reveal such a huge heap of thoughts in just Thirteen episodes. Ōtarō Maijō and Yūki Kodama combine really well as writer and illustrator to build this universe.

There are not a lot of shows out there that can grip you and query you about your existence. However, this show is one of those shows which is dark, gory, and needs proper observation. While you question your relevance, the show always keeps you on the edge of your seat with its unique concept.

ID Invaded Media
[ID Invaded: Studio Credit: NAZ]
Taking cues from big-budget movies, Now animes are also building up excitement with snippets. One such surprise came from the official Twitter account of ID: INVADED on the first day of the new year. Considering the fact that we got the first season in Winter 2020, this is a considerably shorter turnaround. However, there’s no official date that’s set at the moment or very many projections going around.

A tease to the fans is all this is, and though most people are getting very happy, but you need to hold your horses. The show might still be very far from the actual airing dates. At the moment, there’s no whisper about a date in sight which means the show might be coming very late in 2021, even if it does come this year.

What is this show all about and the story?

The series follows a detective who’s upon to solve a murder in a virtual reality universe. But how can one manage an investigation when its regulations can and are getting murkier by the moment?

It’s all about a fictional world, where criminals’ minds connect in a unique way. The Mizuhanome system, only launched when used by a person who has killed someone at least once in his life. Meanwhile, that makes it possible for detectives to dive into an enigmatic world, developed by another criminal’s subconscious.

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