If Loving You Is Wrong: Cast reunion solves many mysteries.

On Tuesday, the cast of Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong, reunited for an OWN special. This is exactly two weeks after saying goodbye in the insane finale of the series. The cast of the show reunited to address the burning questions of the fans from the five-season run of prime time soap. The show is being hosted by one of the cast members, the special named Edwina Findley Dickerson. The host, appropriately titled “Oh So Right,” brought back all the residents of Castillo Lane together for a virtual chat. The chat was to discuss their favorite moments from If Loving You is Wrong, personal theories about the plot, and their hopes for the future of their respective characters.

If Loving You Is Wrong Cast
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If Loving You is Wrong Mysteries Solved in Cast Reunion

The exclusive virtual chat began with the leading ladies sharing one of the best moments from the series till now. Dickerson loved the moment when Kelly finally stepped into her power and stood up to Travis. Amanda Clayton revealed Alex’s disastrous decision to ride a mechanical bull. Heather Hemmens recalled the full-body meltdown of Marcie upon learning of the infidelity of Randal. It was a pivotal confrontation that was filmed by her in a single take. Remember the time? When Natalie threatened Randal with a knife, well April Parker Jones felt empowered remembering this. Zulay Henao picked that moment, which fans were asking Esperanza to do since If Loving You is Wrong Season 1. Yeah, you guessed it right, to kill Eddie.

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Henao also confirmed the death of Esperanza’s daughter. She added that Eddie took away the only thing in Esperanza’s life for which she was living. She also believes that Esperanza’s story is now over. For her, the show If Loving You is Wrong ends just the way it was supposed to end, but for Esperanza, being a good mom was all her life was about.

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