Deadman Wonderland is one of a few anime shows that don’t even try to cater to young audiences. The genre gets listings of Animation, Action, and Drama but the real USP is the fact that this can’t be put in a box. The super intriguing storytelling by Kazuma Kondou is incredibly polarising.

However, the fact that the show only has one season and thirteen episodes is a problem. Often enough fans of the show try to look for something of the same taste, but not a rip-off.

Here’s a list of a few shows that may come close to giving you the same thrill as Deadman Wonderland:-

I. Another

Anazâ or Another is a Horror-Thriller from Japan from the vaults of Yukito Ayatsuji. The initial set of source was a novel series by the creator by the same title. However, it’s also a show that only got a solitary season with thirteen episodes. For fans of Deadman Wonderland, the fact that this series is also very grim and dark will help give it a similar feel.

The story follows Koichi Sakakibara who transfers to a new school but finds more than just new teachers. He finds himself drawn into a mystery involving a shady woman and a spell of horrific murders.

II. Sword Art Online

Set in a futuristic environment of 2022, thousands of innocents get stuck in a new virtual MMORPG (massively multiplayer online game). However, lone wolf player, Kirito, is trying hard to escape the realms of the virtual world. Meanwhile to escape, one has to pull it off by completing all one hundred levels that are in the game.

Ever since its inception in 2012, the show has been a smash-hit. After nearly 100 episodes in the bag, we can easily recommend this show to anyone who wants to get a quality series.

III. Highschool of the Dead

Gakuen Mokushiroku, as the name suggests, follows a series of bizarre events in a high-school. The story follows a set of these students who find themselves caught in a Zombie Apocalypse. This is in no way a perfect piece of art or thought-provoking content, nor does it act like it. However, what it does, it does very strongly i.e. violence, gore, keeping the promises of the classic anime cliches.

It did come back in 2010, so the animation might seem a little shaky. However, Daisuke Satō’s creation will wonderfully capture you into a different world. This show may be less explicit than ‘Elfen Lied’ and more than ‘Najica Blitz Tactics’ but it is still most definitely risky.

IV. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shin Seiki Evangerion is a truly retro anime action-adventure series from Japan. The tale of this show follows a teenage boy who finds himself as a member of a professional team of pilots. This elite squad is a creation of his father. The series start off simple enough. A boy is ‘chosen’ to fight big monsters in a robot. However, the monsters seem to be less important than the troubles the people face fighting them.

By the end of it all, the series asks immortal questions like what are we, why are we here, and is life worth all the pain that goes with it.

V. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese Action-Drama show from 2014. This is another series on this list which only has a solitary season and a total of Twelve episodes. Sui Ishida is the illustrator and creator of the universe of Tokyo Ghoul.

The tale starts and gets better as our protagonist, Kaneki, struggles to keep his humanity. That too through his encounter with distinct conflicting sections. Ghouls cannibalize other Ghouls but those who kill humans and eat them more for enjoyment rather than need. Meanwhile, humans refuse to accept Ghouls are creatures capable of feeling as much as humans.

VI. Attack on Titan

Shingeki no kyojin is one of the most popular, if not the most popular anime series on the planet right now. At the moment, the fourth season is airing episode by episode. The Action-Adventure genre might be common but the bar of quality is as rare as they come.

From the initial scene that shows you the main and unique weapons to some of the frames, it’s incredible. Those shots from the show could literally be used as the perfect still or be hung in your house as exotic paintings. From one episode to another you’ll think that you can start predicting things and you’ll be wrong again and again.

For all the fans of Deadman Wonderland, the above shows will be the perfect options.

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