I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: Take A Look Back At The Finale

Documentaries are really taking over the interest of the viewers. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is one of those wonderfully recorded and presented True Crime documentary on our favorite network to fetch crime thrillers – HBO. Narrated by the wonderful Amy Ryan.  I’ll be gone in the dark is based on the book by True Crime Writer Michelle McNamara from the time she tried revealing the identity of the Golden State killer. Let’s look into what the documentary’s last and final episode revealed.

Still from episode 3 of “I’ll be gone in the dark”

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: Review of the finale.

I’ll be gone in the dark – the documentary’s finale episode focused more on the Joseph James DeAngelo. The identification of him as the man who murdered 13 and more than 50 rapes along with 100 burglaries. The show’s ending followed the experience of Bonnie Colwell and her experience being engaged to DeAngelo. She described the events as horrifyingly Scary and every adventure they had resulted in a near-death experience. Joseph pulled a gun at her once. That part only is scary enough.

The story further is also very scary. The filmmakers interviewed the family of DeAngelo and found some disturbing details of his life. They also uncovered the childhood of DeAngelo. I’ll be back in the dark can be summarized as a chilling story of a distorted man. DeAngelo’s nephew said that her mother while dying made a statement about the family. “This family is so full of secrets, everyone has a secret”. That is something cold to say.

still from “I’ll be gone in the dark”

In 2018 the Man was arrested for 13 counts of murder and 13 armed robberies. This was because of the new DNA evidence produced in front of the court of law. Unfortunately, Author Michelle McNamara died in 2016 before she could find out that her book leads to this. Her investigation is what made the new evidence show up. But anyhow I’ll be gone in the dark is an amazing documentary on the Golden State Killer. You can always rely on HBO to provide us prime content. It’s available on Disney+Hotstar in India.


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