I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: Let’s look back at what happened.

An obsession that is shared by more and more people is a real crime. Whole TV channels are devoted to it with a raft of podcasts that were focused on it. More of which were popping up every day and a battalion of armchair detectives tap away at Reddit threads from their home. Ever wondered, these sofa sleuths can make a real difference, although they are not law enforcement and not privy to the full details of the case. One such example of this is the Bear Brook excellent Podcast in which a genealogist managed to identify long lost victims. The controversial documentary by the online streaming platform, Netflix, Don’t F**k with Cats witnessed amateurs tracking down a man who tortured animals while recording leading to the murder of the animal. This article will be related to the previous happenings in I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark
Image Source – NY Times

What happened in I’ll Be Gone In The Dark?

The writer of the book, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, is Michelle McNamara. The book became the best seller in the New York Times. It is documented by a celebrated documentarian Liz Garbus and is just not only based on the books. The documentary includes the extracts and follows the path of the book. It is also the story of investigations done by Michelle and the making of the book with insights from McNamara’s comedian husband and actor, Patton Oswalt. It is also the picture of Michelle with personal insights (why she was so obsessed with her relationship with her mother). Fear of compulsion of solving the case, and causing a conflict with her young daughter.

The book and the author
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The docuseries is highly focussed on the victim and introduces us to the survivors of the East Area Rapist and the impact of that on them. Moreover, the series is not only a hunt for the killer but also a shot of an American era.

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