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I’m a Spider So What? Episode 1 Release Date and All Details

I’m a Spider So What?: This forthcoming week will be hitting off 2021 with the recent development of I’m a Spider. Its alternative name also knows this anime as Kumo desu ga, Nani ka.? This is a Japanese animated novel series. That feature actors like I, Shun, Katia, Hugo, Sue, Fei, Fiilmos, Yuri, Demon King, and Julius. Let’s find something this anime is all about below.

I’m a Spider, So What?

So, This is a story of a reborn girl as a dungeon spider. And she started to fight for existence. The girl was the punk inside the dungeon. As, Life has grown scary for her inside the magical world. And it was all regarding survival of the fittest. She trouble getting the rule to endure. And she has to do it quickly, or she will bid goodbye to the magical world. 

I’m a Spider So What? Episode 1 Release Date 

I’m a Spider So What? or Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 1 will released on Friday, 8 January 2021, at 9:30 PM JST. The latest episode of Spider-Girl will released every Friday. So, until it reaches the episode finale. You can visit this Anime official website at kumo-anime.com and watch it officially on Crunchyroll.

 Episode 1 Summary

Inside the magic world, the Hero and the Demon King are not on good terms with each other. And they continue to be the opposite. One day the Demon King and his associates attack the classroom. They attack with a powerful blast and appear inside. The Demon King has the authority to teleport from another world to the real world. So, And where she was targeting a high school. She has a great army of the likes of Black Man, Dorado, and Administrator D.

Her life has many threats, and she decided to become strong and fight for survival as she is the weakest one.

After the powerful blast, the blast killed many students. So, and they are taken to a different world to be revived there. The students who didn’t work well with their studies were reborn into a weak monster or spider. The Demon King ruling the netherworld is known as Ariel. As, She is the omnipotent beast that rules Gluttony. As, and she examines spiders as part of her family.


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