I’m Sorry Season 3 Cancelled Even After Renewal! What Went Wrong?

I’m Sorry Season 3 is officially canceled. TruTV had previously given the series’ a green light. This was a well-received comedy-drama series. It was all set for 10-episode third season to air in 2020. Here’s all the detail about what went wrong with the series renewal.

TruTV’s reason behind I’m Sorry Season 3 Cancellation

TruTV said that the pandemic uncertainty has caused to cancel the show. Unfortunately, they cannot move forward with the third season’s production. The series stars Andrea Savage in the lead role.

The network said that Andrea Savage’s irreverent voice and fresh take on parenthood. They further said that they are proud of the show she and her cast and crew created. Andrea was a great partner for many years and they wish her well for her future endeavors.

I’m Sorry Season 3
Source: TruTV

The season three’s production already took off and went on for two weeks. The coronavirus pandemic caused the entire Hollywood production to stud down in mid-march.

The upcoming season’s all 10 scripts were written. Savage and show’s other producers were contemplating scenarios for resuming production. The network called them. Everyone was caught off-guard and were devastated.

Savage, a mother of one child, said that she was completely heartbroken. She said that this was the second baby for almost 5 years. She further said that she wanted fans to view the wonderfully written 10 episodes.

Many More Shows are Getting Cancelled!

Previously, Netflix took a similar decision and canceled two previously greenlighted YA series. They canceled The Society and I Am Not OK. The streaming platform gave the same pandemic reason for canceling the shows. Those cancellations also caught the creator’s off-guard just like this one.

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I’m Sorry Season 3
Source: TruTV

This is something that we will all witness many more times now. The months-long Hollywood production shutdown due to pandemic has created a logjam. Networks are trying to cut the higher production costs by canceling some shows.

At the moment, TruTV’s parent WarnerMedia is going through major restructuring and cost-cutting. I’m Sorry season 3’s cancellation is likely a combination of the COVID’s impact and these major changes.

The season managed to grow its audience significantly from season 1 to season 2. It is well known for its nuanced TV mom portrayal. The show revolves around Andrea (played by Savage), a confident comedy writer, wife, and mom. She comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations.

I’m Sorry Season 3
Source: TruTV

Her husband Mike (Tom Everett Scott), their inquisitive daughter Amelia (Olive Petrucci), and her divorced parents (Kathy Baker and Martin Mull) are the show’s other characters. She also has a close friend circle. This light-hearted show is a delight to watch.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!






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