Insider Episode 7: Release Date and Preview

Insider Episode 7 is on the verge to release soon! It is an action-suspense drama. It revolves around the dark phase of South Korea. The plot of the story goes around greediness and its consequences that are drawn human brains.

In the story, greed extends its hand to inhumanity. It is shown that the corrupted higher-ups lie as an amateur. Thus he is paving his own way out of his misery and aiming his revenge. The revenge is to bring down the jerks that ruined his family.

Insider Episode 7: Preview:

In Episode 6, we noticed the real closeness developed between the boss of the prison. The characters are namely Jang Seon Oh, and our genius protagonist Kim Yo Han. As ill-fated as their relationship, Yo Han’s future seemed to be at a questionable point.

Though the recent episode revealed the reason for their unhealthy relationship. Why it is getting bitter between Jang Seon Oh and one of our known villains Chairman Yang is the main focus of the episode.

Insider Episode 7: Release Date

Insider Episode 7 is going to release on 29th June 2022. The series is all set to finally premiere. Talking about the episodes, those are expected to be broadcast twice a week.

 Insider Episode 7: Details on Screening Online

Currently, the ongoing series and episode 7 are airing on the jTBC broadcasting network. It is South Korea’s original television network. The timimg is at 10:30 pm KST. In India, viewers can binge-watch at  7:00 pm.


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