What is the reason for life, and what makes a character genuinely happy? These are some instead philosophical questions that ‘Into the Wild’ seeks to answer. The journey drama is primarily based on the real-life story of Christopher Johnson McCandless, an American man in his twenties who lived a nomadic way of life after graduating from college, solely to succumb to the wilderness. The movie is an emotional and compelling testimony to the strength of human relationships, and if you’ve viewed it, then you need to be left with a couple of unanswered questions. So why don’t we dissect the climax together?

Spoilers Ahead!

Into the Wild Plot Synopsis

The protagonist is Christopher McCandless, a graduate of Emory University. He seeks to stay an easy life, surrounded by way of nature. He believes that authentic happiness stems from new experiences, and consequently, after finishing his studies, he offers up all cloth property to turn out to be a vagabond. He additionally takes on the identify Alexander Supertramp. The movie takes seems to be at how he travels throughout u. s . a . and ultimately units up camp in Alaska, solely to face the harsh forces of nature.


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Into The Wild Ending: Did Chris Make the Right Choice?

Chris struggles with a hunger for a couple of days and will become immensely weak. The equal man who was once as soon as content material with the solitude and splendor of the wild has now run of materials and can’t discover any food. Nonetheless, he maintains on journaling. He now realizes that happiness is solely actual when it is shared with others. At the brink of death, he leaves a farewell to observe that reads that he has had a comfortable life. In his ultimate moments, he thinks about his family.


Family, and its many facets, are a habitual motif in the film. In fact, it is persistently installed that Chris is on this vagrant experience solely due to the fact he is going for walks away from the many horrors he had viewed as a child in his very own household. His mother and father would continuously fight. Chris realizes at a younger age that his household and domestic are no longer ideal, and he spends his whole person lifestyles jogging away from this. So it is melancholically ironic, however no longer surprising, that he thinks of his dad and mom in his closing moments. For something its worth, Chris is aware of that his simple wants of meals and refuge would have been met. It is additionally pertinent to notice that the protagonist tends to romanticize tough situations, specially due to the fact he has located solace in literature considering that childhood. This prompts the question: what would Chris’ lifestyles appear like if had decided to reconnect with his family?

Given that Chris’ household hasn’t viewed him in nearly two years, it would truely be emotional. For the first few days, they would have pampered him and made him experience tightly closed again. We additionally comprehend that his parents’ personalities have modified in the wake of his disappearance. So it looks as even though they would have executed the whole thing in their electricity to make positive that something like this didn’t show up again.


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Furthermore, Carine would in the beginning be made about the reality that he in no way reached out to her. But her monologues in the course of the movie make us experience as although she would forgive her brother at the drop of a hat. She is aware that he wanted to be on this ride for his personal sake. Moreover, she would have desired to understand all about his adventures, and he would have probably instructed her about Wayne, Jan, Rainey, Tracy, and Ron. He ought to additionally have spoken about his struggles and the training he realized from them.

However, as time would pass, the fact would begin seeping in. After the first few days (or weeks), bliss would be changed via anxiousness about the future. It looks in all likelihood that Chris’ father would speak to him about discovering a job or pursuing regulation at Harvard, something that the protagonist speaks about at his commencement dinner. Moreover, it would additionally have been fundamental for Chris to go-to remedy to deal with the trauma from his childhood.

While Chris would be grateful for the meals on his plate and a roof over his head, he additionally looks like the sort of individual who would omit his peripatetic lifestyle. But we experience like his dad and mom would be too scared to let him do something like this again. This is comprehensible as they nonetheless would no longer have dealt with the shock from the first time. It may want to be a factor of competition between the dad and mom and their son. Healing from the activities would be tough for all contributors to the McCandless family. Nonetheless, a phase of us would additionally like to accept as true with that they would be capable to get to the bottom of all their variations in time.

What About Old Man Ron?

Chris varieties many significant relationships as he journeys to Alaska. But his bond with the historical and widowed Ron is one that stands out in particular. The latter is a veteran who misplaced his spouse and youngster in an automobile accident, following which he took to the bottle. However, over time, he realized that this used to be no way to honor them, and so he grew to be fascinated by leather. This interest of his has sustained him over the years, and Ron even teaches Chris an aspect or two.

Into the wild

In fact, the belt they make collectively will become an essential visible motif later on that suggests precisely how a whole lot of weight Chris has misplaced due to lack of meals in Alaska. Before the protagonist leaves for the north, Ron expresses that he needs to undertake him as a grandson. Chris replies by announcing that they can talk about this after he returns from Alaska, and a teary-eyed Ron bids him farewell. It is evident that Chris has come to suggest a lot to Ron. He reminds the veteran of the household and the happiness he should have had if the under the influence of alcohol driver had no longer killed his personal household so many years ago. After the film ended, we couldn’t assist however sense supremely unhappy for Ron. Chris succumbs to starvation, and in that manner, the veteran loses the ultimate member of his family. But how would Ron deal with the calamity?

Firstly, it appears as although it would take a whilst for him to even study about Chris’ fate. After all, the younger boy brought himself as Alex, and so the latter doesn’t even understand Chris’s actual name. Once the protagonist’s physique is discovered, information about it would unfold in the course of the country. Ron is a clever man who would cease up connecting the dots and would realize that he has misplaced any other man or woman that supposed something to him.

However, owing to Ron’s age, we assume that he will now not procedure his feelings with the assist of whiskey again. No, he has confronted tragic loss before, and sure realizations are sure to remain with him for life. It is extraordinarily probable that Ron would begin taking time out for himself and sooner or later go on trips, simply like the two had discussed. The veteran may additionally sense as even though this is the satisfactory way to honor Chris’ memory, and in this fashion, the protagonist’s legacy can additionally stay on via Ron.

Into The Wild is streaming on Amazon Prime Videos with a rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb. It is a must-watch.

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